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Faith hope and charity has always been a perfect parallel.  Oxfords & Amie’s is a nonprofit foundation that adds music to this equation. Beginning in Rancho Cucamonga, California, one person’s vision has turned into an organization that partner with corporations and volunteer groups, as well as receive individual donations to give shoes to the less fortunate. They are also in involved in housing for the homeless, and fighting poverty in general.  Moreover, we have discovered that Oxfords & Amie’s also make music to inspire people. They have currently released the Country-Gospel tune “Speak To It”, which was conceived and executed by 4 volunteer members of the team.

“Today is a new day. Left behind the old ways. Thank God I’m finally grace activated. And by your love I’ve made it. I’m ingrafted to the family. But when life has beaten you down, taking you around the wrong way. Here’s a message of hope to keep you going, just know there’s brighter days. You gotta just speak to it. I can have what I say. Believe it. It’s here no on the way,” sings Oxfords & Amie’s, spreading a message that comes through loud and clear.

If you’re still in doubt, Oxfords & Amie’s make that message even clearer with the following lines: “When the Lord speaks, there’s no delay. Put your mind to it and go in faith. You faith is connected to yes and amen, signed sealed delivered my friend.”

Christian-inspired music is filled by artists, who produce what could be best described as “the same old thing”. Hence, its a distinct pleasure to find artists who want to break the musical norms and share a vision that is new and fresh.

And so enters Oxfords & Amie’s with a unique infusion of country and gospel blended into soulful sound. While their lyrical content can best be described as straight ahead faith and worship, it’s the incredible lead voice which rides on a simple acoustic driven backdrop, that takes what could have been just ordinarily good, and brings it to a whole new level of greatness. The singer’s easygoing, positive personality permeates the track.

The vocals on “Speak To It” are authentic and resonant while the stripped back music accompaniment compliments the strains of his soulful voice, which bounces around the arrangement with effortless ease. This is important as Oxfords & Amie’s are sending out an important message, and it’s a message of faith, hope, and conviction. “Believe it. It’s here not on the way. Your blessing is here. It’s here,” concludes Oxfords & Amie’s.

A lesser artist would have tripped all over “Speak To It”, maybe doing too much, both musically and vocally. However, the crew of Oxfords & Amie’s are so smooth, honest and essential, in their writing and performance of the song, making it seem downright captivating and powerful. Nothing is overplayed or overwhelming in any way. They aim straight at the core of the song’s sense and significance, and deliver it, proudly and skillfully.


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