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Tommy Esker Campbell III began recording as T’Muzzik, an alias using the first letter of his first name, and Muzzik from his passion for the art form. His early releases were with collectives, J’Rank and CCMG. After going 4 years (from ’14 to ’18) without releasing any music, the Jackson, MS native, re-emerged with the moniker PED$, releasing the EP’s  “BoyBandBad .5” and “BoybandBad Vol 1.”, as well as the singles “Motivated” and “What It Is”. Now in 2021, he bounces right back with his latest single, “Just Like That!”

While there’s a fresh crop of rappers who are ready to take over 2021 and define the sound of the next decade, the genre continues to get more stylistically diverse, and there isn’t a single aesthetic that ties all the new artists together. Each one is carving a lane out for themselves, and PED$ is doing the same. Whether he’s floating over beats anchored by sluggish synths, pop rhythms, or plunging percussion, PED$ keeps a stash of flows and witty bars that show he has the makings of an original musical icon.

On “Just Like That!” he skillfully bounces between the evolving scenes of trap hi-hats, futuristic keys, and resonating 8o8s. Like any artist who can play multiple sides of the floor, he’s forcing his peers to step their game up.

What sets PED$ apart from his peers, though, is a natural bounce that sits at the core of his songs. This track is guided by an infectious vocal exuberance that makes it endlessly catchy without having to follow traditional pop conventions.

And while PED$ musical ability is top notch, the way he carries himself is almost as important. He exudes confidence. On “Just Like That!”, PED$ comes off as a real presence, psychedelically mesmerizing and also hugely entertaining.

The track is full of addictive, explicit lines that will run amuck in your mind, as PED$ shows off the energy and grit that his voice represents. Throughout its concise runtime, song gains full control of your eardrums, as PED$ combines fierce and unapologetic bars with dynamic production.

From the onset of “Just Like That!”, the feel of a personal, original approach is evident. The booming instrumental with PED$ really vivid lyrics and angst-styled delivery really take the listener on a journey through the rapper’s mindset and outspoken attitude.

The raw talent and creativity is very present in PED$ sound. The entire vocal delivery itself is something completely different from what most hip-hop artists are doing, almost avant-garde in its execution.

It’s important to see an artist like PED$ not be afraid to do something different. That’s how change is made in a genre. Moreover, PED$ seems to have developed an ear for beats that fully complement his vocal range. That said, “Just Like That!” can be perceived as a solid foundation for an even more promising career moving forward.

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