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There’s no easy way to approach the topic of abusive relationships. And yet it’s such an alarmingly common theme today. Abuse doesn’t always have to mean physical abuse where the victim is left bruised and bloody. In fact, the more insidious and less noticed abuse is the emotional and mental kind. It’s so easy to let that kind of abuse slip by because there usually aren’t any physical signs. Sometimes love is such a powerful force that we’re willing to go through so much pain just to be with the one we love.

“Why Do You Stay” is a haunting song about a woman who’s trapped in an abusive relationship, superbly executed by Reggae artist, Peter Runks ” The Rock”. “If he loves you then why does he hurt you?” asks Peter.

From an outside perspective, toxic relationships don’t make any sense. Why would anyone stay with someone who lessens, abuses, and makes them suffer? This is the message Peter Runks’ heartfelt performance desperately tries to get across to the victim. The soulful tone and melody of the song goes hand in hand with the realization of toxic love.

Peter’s voice is grieved, and as such afflicting on the listener, as he pleads his case: “How long will you let this continue girl? He speaks to you in so much rage and anger,” questions Peter. This song shows how the relationship is dangerous, and that it is the moment to make a change, gather the strength to face the abuser, and leave.

Peter Runks’ measured, emotion-filled tones are in perfect order and the lyrical material is out of the top drawer. The influence of R&B vocalists is evident in his rocksteady strains, his clear delivery means the conscious messages of “Why Do You Stay” get across easily, his voice simply affecting.

Combining uptight keys and Roots horns, plus Runk’s vocal being at times semi-spoken and relaxed, and at others incendiary, the slow-burning beat cooks up an irresistible recipe. The track becomes more addictive, bar after bar, and has quality stamped all over it. Some of the strength of this album comes not only from Runks’ voice and the sheer power of the steady rhythm, but also from the production.

Reggae and Soul collide in inspirational bliss within the very effective musical structure presented here, as Peter describes how difficult it is to walk away from abusive relationships. More than a struggle with someone else, it’s a struggle within the victims themselves. Many artists, have described the many sides of this struggle, few have done it with such raw honesty as Runks.

Peter Runks is a rare talent and “Why Do You Stay”, manages to bottle some of that lightening effectively. Tawanto Saunders A.k.A Peter Runks, has a powerful resonance and an impressive control of his vibrato. If this is your intro to the artist born on the Island of Nassau, Bahamas, you have tons more to discover, but this is a great starting point for any listener.

Domestic Violence is a global epidemic. Listen to “Why Do You Stay” and help spread the word. Download your copy today!


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