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There’s more than meets the eye to Pockets & Tex – a Brooklyn duo from Gowanus Houses, who met in fourth grade, developing a brotherhood that would last the test of time. Hip-hop will award them an unusual respect not often granted to their contemporaries. Looking at the career of any rapper, there is a clear correlation between the direction of personal endeavor and sonic aesthetic. The two started freestyling together by the 7th grade, beginning their metamorphosis into MCs. However destiny would separate them, as Pockets would move to Cali in 1995, this allowed the two to develop their craft as solo artists. Fate reunited the team in NY by 2001, and during 2002, DMI was established.  Their instincts soon dared them to level up and match their potential power – lyrically, musically and aesthetically.

The 13 track album “Legacy Vol.2” brings out the best in Pockets & Tex. Winding a mix of clever hard-hitting rap and soothing vocals that delivers the cream of what hip-hop has to offer. These guys just ooze talent that keeps them on pace with whatever music is next to them. The duo takes us on a journey through the development of their craft by cutting the fat and finding a fine balance of their technical skills, songwriting creativity, and popularity potential.

Pockets & Tex maintain and expand on the subject matter that just makes them so pleasing to listen to. Incredible, iconic flows that hit hard and fast on abrasive and dark tracks like “Win or Lose” and “Slow Down” are made even more embracing by mesmerizing melodic hooks on cuts such as “Taste” and “2 Much” that get you nodding in the way that only solid hip-hop can.

Meanwhile, inspiring, positive tracks like “Always Be Mine 2(Without)” with Kxng Crooked and Constantine or “I Ain’t The One” featuring Richpockets, continue to prove that Pockets & Tex are not copying the game – they are adding to it in a way that implies a respect that is as enormous as their confidence.

There is no smoke and mirrors here, as Pockets & Tex have the marvelous ability to tell authentic-sounding stories. The duo are making a robust case for being one of those rare, special acts that approach the mic and continually exceed expectations.

Their lyrical ability is not only demonstrated in their ability to craft explicitly descriptive bars into cohesive tracks but also in how it is tied together by flows typically marked with utterly impressive deliveries. Check out the nuancing and urgency on “Petro” and “Loaded” ft. Planet Asia, or the afflicted soulfulness of “America”. The major aspect that sets Pockets & Tex apart from their contemporaries is the ability to diversify their flows, often hopping in and out of multiple different flows within one song.

“Pressure” featuring Bigshot and “Cruisin” displays of just how well Pockets & Tex can control and manipulate their technically proficient rhymes, while creating vibe-heavy atmospheres. It’s a clear sign of artists meticulously cultivating their sound, instead of simply aiming for the charts.

This sort of dedication to the art rather than seeing rap as an avenue to make money is undoubtedly a sign of a greater ambition. Any doubt about this theory, is thoroughly thrashed on the cinematic and crepuscular “What a Day” ft. Boro Hall and the thump of “Trust”.

Alongside the spectacular beats and stellar features, Pockets & Tex stay true to their talents as lyricists and performers, pushing their words and storytelling ability to control and dominate each song on the album. “Legacy Vol.2” features production by Richpockets, Djpain1, Austin Taylor, Ty & Falak.


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