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The Charlotte, NC, area-based rock band Preacher Stone, was formed in January of 2008 by Sesac Songwriters / Publishers Marty Hill and Ronnie Riddle.  The band has had plenty of national and international attention for their Classic Rock and New Country vibe, and hardcore fans of Preacher Stone refer to themselves as “The Congregation!”.

preacher-stone-live-3As an old rocker from way back I prefer classic rock over today’s newer bands, but these guys sound just like those old legends with their kick ass, southern fried vibe. They’re like a combination of Southern Rock ala Lynyrd Skynyrd and Classic Rock ala Bad Company, with a tinge of the newfangled alternative-country etched into their sound.

The band is Ronnie Riddle (Lead Vocals), Marty Hill (Lead Guitar, Slide, Dobro, Vocals), Ben Robinson (Guitar, Slide, Vocals), Johnny Webb (Keys, Vocals), Jim Bolt (Bass, Vocals) and Josh Wyatt (Drums, Vocals). Preacher Stone is currently riding the crest of the wave with their new release, “Remedy”.

Music is the Remedy to all life’s problems,” says the band, “and so we wanted to write a song about it.” And it worked, because Preacher Stone just kind of snuck out of Charlotte, between the piles of mediocre-to-bad rock music being forced at us these days.

They’ve wrapped their big dual-guitar sounds around my head and have me believing that there is still a chance for a new classic rock-type sound revival.

preacher-stone-live-2This is a group that knows respects and acknowledges their influences, but doesn’t attempt to copy them. Instead they pick up where these groups left off and carry on the tradition of great sounding rock and roll with an edge!

The musicianship, vocals, and production values on “Remedy” are tremendously high, while keeping a raw groove. The riffs grab you, give you a good shaking and don’t let go, and nor would you want them to! This is really a different deal to the cookie monster stuff that many new ‘rock’ groups are putting out.

Preacher Stone takes the essence of great 70’s & 80’s Classic and Southern Rock and Roll and put their own stamp on it – Strong, groovy riffs; straight slamming drums, and phenomenal vocals. Finally we have some down and dirty, southern fried, slap your face rock n’ roll by a group of good old Kentucky dudes with long hair and pork chops.

It’s time to drop the tailgate on your pickup truck, open the cooler, and rock on!


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