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A keen basketball player for most of his youth, DJ-producer Princeloo Alexandre, aka ‘Princeloo’ is known for his compositions revolving around electronic dance music -deep house, old school, and hip-hop genres. Due to his competitive sporting environment, Princeloo progressively became familiar with chart-topping music because it was played in the games he had participated in.

As a result, Princeloo gradually developed love for music and proceeded towards producing his own beats. He worked on several instrumentals, out of which ‘Hit it’ was selected by the International Songwriting Competition in 2013 (ISC) among over 19,000 entries.


‘Faith’, ‘Hit it’, ‘Stamp’ and ‘Latin House’ are some of the most renowned beats Princeloo has produced. His current project, ‘Get Away’, was launched on all major online stores and streaming platforms some months ago. ‘Get Away’ could presumably be just another EDM track like those done by Avicii, Calvin Harris or David Guetta but it is not.

Princeloo delivers a unique sound that very well establishes a difference between him and other EDM artists. ‘Get Away’ is the perfect physical manifestation of the producer’s aesthetic: utilize simple tools to create complex, emotionally powerful movements. Build-ups, breakdowns, transitions, hooks and refrains, it’s all here to drive you across the dancefloor in just under 5 minutes.

The music flows seamlessly from melody to mood and back, while the airy female vocals on ‘Get Away’ tell the all too common love-triangle tale, of the cheating man – with her best friend – who gets caught and kicked out by his girlfriend.

The curious thing about the electronica music genre is how quickly fresh sounds become stale and virtually unlistenable. Every month dozens of dance compilations are released onto the market, each with the latest ‘big tracks’ of the moment, which will almost certainly sound dated within 90 days of its release.

The audience for this genre of music is voracious, chopping-up and spitting out these cookie-cutter tracks while lusting after the next to-be-released rhythmic panacea. That said, there are only a handful DJ-Produces who are able to escape this “here today, gone today” EDM pattern.

With the release of ‘Get Away’, Princeloo is doing everything in his power to be a part of that selected crew. A quick retrospective listen actually improves this track, as you discover a smooth, classy journey of impeccable build and timing on top of a rampant rhythm. ‘Get Away’, is the portrait of a creative artist, moving towards his peak.


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