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Tallahassee, Florida rapper, Quintin Tarintinto has his 2019 fifteen track project, “No Self Pity”, out right now. This is the record many of Tarintinto’s contemporaries would love to make, but they don’t have a sufficient enough state of consciousness to draw inspiration from, or truly focus the menagerie of their minds upon. It’s the most topically cohesive, palatable and headily conscious Tarintinto ever been for an entire set of songs. His universal vision makes it all work together in perfect, coalescing, high-tech harmony.

A less knowledgeable Quintin Tarintinto might have asked compelling questions and never get to present the answers projected on this EP, while the wizened mind on display here compresses his trains of thought into mind bogglingly dense articulation, more verbose than anything you’d ever find in passing conversations.

Fans who appreciate the artist for his unique perspective will love this culmination of all his stylistic facets, and those who simply enjoy a combination of intellectual discourse and unapologetic, raw lyricism in their hip-hop will find what they’ve been missing here on “No Self Pity”.

The songs are sheer mind-blowing from front to back. It is clear right off the bat that Quintin Tarintinto possesses a near unmatched lyrical talent, that many underground artists can only drool over. The rhymes are as tight as they come, Quintin’s nasal style flow is both unique and untouched, and the lyrics are utterly savage.

This is how rap songs should be written. Some albums move people in ways unheard of before, at least in their lively hood. These albums remain in listeners’ hearts, and keep them company whenever needed. For me, one of the albums with that kind of potential, could so easily be “No Self Pity”.

The minute “Po’ Hustlin” kicks in, you know that Quintin Tarintinto has received beats that are lethal enough to match his lyrics. An epic orchestral entry, precedes the element of surprise meant to evoke a feeling from outside the box upon his listeners.

It is with a twinkling piano driven atmosphere and complex lyrical bars that this project solidifies itself as an absolutely worthwhile listen. “Ground Zero” extends the formula. This is surely a rapper’s rap record, Tarintinto goes off on the mic possessed with a masterclass in lyricism; the guy employs internal, multi-syllabic, and straight up complex, entertaining rhymes.

“Cold 4/20” is layered in smooth jazz vibes, splashed with pure adrenaline word acrobatics, and sprinkled with wit. “Out Of My Way” deals out a healthy helping of melody in the chorus hook, as Tarintinto rolls out his singing voice. “Lit” follows suit, as Quintin comes back with another hypnotic chorus and bubbling bassline.

A blend of modern style and groovy vintage aesthetics, “I Decided” keeps the momentum of the EP running smoothly. For that same reason “Wake Up” is a total standout, and one of my favorites. Quintin’s lyrics can be in your face and sometimes even leaving you wondering. Either way, it always works with the storyline and the beat.

Quintin Tarintinto is an artist in every sense of the word. He is able to paint pictures of his life that is difficult to get anywhere else. And tracks like “Vibrations” and “Attitude Adjustment” serve to confirm this. The lyrics and soulful beat on the latter track is enough to give you the chills. Only someone obsessed with the craft could create such a refined track as the EP closer “No Self Pity”. And only someone so confident would be so open about his experiences.

“No Self Pity” is an album that works best whilst listened to with the bass propped up, and headphones on, so that all of the layered instrumental goodness of each song can be truly credited for.


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