Ray Ryder: “Wasting Time” – a phenomenally gifted singer that can span Country and Southern rock with equal ease

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Hailing from Western Australia, Ray Ryder has been writing, recording and touring his brand of southern country rock and country pop for years, delighting country music fans across the nation. A multi-instrumentalist, Ray has just released a brand new track, entitled “Wasting Time”.  Already on radio playlists, the track will be available for purchase via all major online stores on the 28th of June 2019. In the grand scheme of things, Ray Ryder appears to be a guy who’s actually not a prima donna. Ray looks the part, writes his own songs, and sings them with passion and authority. Yet he comes across as nice to people and a real dude. At least that’s what I pick up from the outside looking in. Currently Ray is getting ready to set the music landscape alight with his latest release.

The song is a perfect marriage of production and vocals. And, make no mistake about it, vocals are one thing that Ray Ryder has in his favor. You get the feeling that no producer had to coach him to be Country or Southern rock.

Without a doubt, Ray’s voice sets him apart from much of the pack. As the genre adopts more and more boy band-esque vocalists, Ray’s mature southern rock croon offers a palate cleansing. There’s also certain believability in his music that lends itself to his overall success.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Ray Ryder’s career so far is his ability to have a catchy mainstream pop, country and rock world sound, while still having the allure of a complete outlier. The thing is Ray isn’t doing anything unheard of in his genre, he’s just doing it so much better than everyone else.

You’ll pick up this sensation after only a few bars into “Wasting Time”. This has the potential to be a real flyer on the charts. The fluidity of Ray’s voice paired with the rock guitars is so powerful you can’t help but get absorbed by the sound. The chorus is pure gold and embodies the new modern country concept, while there are just enough pop twists to hook and pull in any genre bystanders.

Ray Ryder is a powerhouse and you can never get too much of those fantastic vocals. He is one of those super humble acts that you just fall in love with from the very first note. Ray is a rising star you simply won’t be able to escape on the country rock music scene at the moment.

The production is sleek and polished on “Wasting Time”, the chorus is designed for radio. Country runs through Ray Ryder’s veins and there’s no posturing or affected accents here, just a phenomenally gifted singer that can span country and Southern rock with equal ease.

Ray’s music isn’t straight up traditional country, but it’s a rock infused country that delivers exactly what country music needs. Keep a watchful eye out for Ray Ryder as he continues to shape his multifaceted approach to his craft.


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