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Roseburg is comprised of Zach Knell, Samuel Sheppard, Keith Lambson, and Soren Buchert. The group who met and began writing their first album in Roseburg, Oregon, are from different parts of the country, but they currently reside in Zach’s hometown of Provo, Utah. They left Roseburg together in early 2018 to move to Provo and begin working with producer Scott Wiley and Grammy nominated producer, Nate Pyfer. Roseburg has found a mentor in Kellin Quinn, lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens, after Quinn found the band online and connected with the fact that they started near his own home town of Medford, Oregon. Alt-Pop and Indie-Rock clashes brilliantly on the band’s latest single, “Premonition”.

These four young lads have got the fast pace and energetic drive most dance-punk bands wish they could muster, and melodies so sticky that make pop craftsman stand in awe. They add an exemplary set of jangling guitar riffs, rolling basslines and banging drums that sit comfortably underneath the mellifluous flow of the hooky vocals. The finished product packs enough punch to spread like wildfire among the young indie-rock and the cross-over pop fans. It’s an excellent party-starter or anthem to the night out.

Roseburg follow the indie trend of matching a danceable rock beat, a punky straight-forwardness, and shimmering guitar motifs with sharp, smart wisdom in the lyrics. The track has got so many glistening hooks it’s impossible for it to not get stuck in your head.

The melody is clear and sharp, the rhythm effortlessly dynamic, and every little croon rings as nothing but charming. Flows of melody float through an obscenely catchy chorus that eventually falls into a vocal shout interchange that is as fun as it is endearing. It shows a maturity in their songwriting which is especially impressive.

With Roseburg, what you see is what you get, and what we get with “Premonition”, is a tonic of adrenaline-filled enthusiasm that may even inject a spring into the step of the hard-boiled naysayer.

Roseburg have proven here that they jolly well know how to sway a crowd with an infective indie-rock gem and seemingly little sweat. That is certainly something deserving of the kind of swagger and confidence the group have displayed in all their songs. They bring an original sound that really gets you moving.

The song gives you a real sense of how energetic their performance would be. The band knows how exactly to make their sound work, but they also know not to go overboard so as to not overwhelm the listener. “Premonition” is a record full of character and energy that very clearly puts forward the band’s vision and successfully conveys it to the listener.

The have the kind of sound that you can imagine blasting through outdoor stadiums, shamelessly clean and catchy, with the kind of mass appeal that gives them the potential to be an enormous success. I could be proven wrong but they’ve set some very high expectations here.


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