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For his latest release, “We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve”, which is from his upcoming 2nd studio album called “Close Your Eyes”, Sarantos explained it’s concept: “This a powerful rock song about domestic violence in our society today, It seems like this topic was in the news a lot in the last year between the NFL, Bill Cosby and so many other stories that made headlines. My heart goes out to the victims. I wrote this song to not only start a conversation on the matter but to hopefully help others find a solution. This is a hard rock song about a man who has made many mistakes in his life. He constantly takes emotional abuse from his partner. Somewhere along the way, he has lost his faith. Thru the words, the bruises and the blame though he stays right there… Why does he stay right there? I hope this song helps drive home the message throughout the world that domestic abuse is simply not ok.”

Sarantos is an artist whose goal is not to be revolutionary or an originator of any new ‘who knows what’ musical styles, but rather, a skilled preservationist of classic rock. We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve is his latest single and video that will have you humming the familiar tune wherever you go during the day. Sarantos has the rare and unique ability to create songs that sum up every emotion you experience in your daily life. And this is probably one of his strongest emotions right now.

Sarantos usually delivers highly catchy songs, superb production, seriously important messages and tons of ambition. If you like rock n roll then it’s hard to deny the talent of this dude. Sarantos has the ability to tap into the depths of melodic rock. His music is uplifting and captivating. I have heard every Sarantos song produced during the last three years, and his growth has been phenomenal. If you like Sarantos you’ll love this song. If you didn’t like him before, you’ll like them now.

It takes a few listens to get used to their new sound, which is really his original classic sound, as in between Sarantos has been experimenting with a variety of styles. But he has certainly stepped it up on “We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve”, by going back to his roots. There aren’t many artists who play great classic rock n’ roll today. However, Sarantos is one of the few who creates great music with meaning.

33% of any music-related sales profits from this song are going straight to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), has worked since 1978 to make every home a safe home. NCADV works to raise awareness about domestic violence; to educate and create programming and technical assistance, to assist the public in addressing the issue, and to support those impacted by domestic violence. It is the mission of NCADV to work for major societal changes necessary to eliminate both personal and societal violence against all women and children.



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