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Born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska, at 15 Savannah Nider was given the opportunity to work alongside Geno LeSage, Steve Cox, and Kenny Royster who were involved in the careers of Grammy award-winning artists including Collin Raye and many others. After losing her grandmother to pancreatic cancer, completing college, and getting married, Savannah moved to Nashville to fulfill the promise of a music career. Savannah met Joie Scott, a well-known songwriter in Nashville, who influenced her songwriting ability and co-wrote her first song “Until Always,” which Savannah performed at her own wedding. She was also introduced to Bryan Cole, a talented producer out of Pittsburgh, PA who produced her EP with Grammy Award winner Steve Marcantonio.

Savannah Nider

Currently Savannah Nider is promoting her single, “Terror In Disguise”. The track was produced by Bryan Cole and mixed by Grammy Winner Steve Marcantonio, while it was mastered by Maor Appelbaum. Savannah’s great virtue as a singer-songwriter is her ability to create a surface onto which her audience can project themselves. She conjures, by way of efficient storytelling, moments and situations we’ve all found ourselves stuck in. And all of that is on display in “Terror In Disguise”.

The track extends and deepens the themes of love gone sour, friendships gone wrong. Savannah Nider’s choruses are typically excellent, and “Terror In Disguise” is a master class of catchy hooks and memorable lines. It’s a track coalesced out of precise, devastating details. Savannah’s combination of gripping character study and personal sentiment is emotionally sharp.

“Terror In Disguise” sounds synchronal to Savannah’s singing and she wisely retains plenty of that production muscle to lend the song a sense of widescreen majesty despite its obvious intimate lyric sheet. The song finds Savannah moving even deeper into the crossover modern pop and country atmospherics to winning effect; and it delivers additional points to her already confirmed talent as a singer-songwriter.

“Terror In Disguise” is Savannah Nider’s most compelling and challenging record. No longer a simple aspiring country starlet, iTunes chart-topper, Savannah, is a woman with a singular vision moving forward to blaze new paths and create music that will resonate with a larger fan-base. The bleeding romanticism, the meticulous wordplay and wholly affecting production is hard to resist. The merger of Savannah’s powerful voice and Bryan Cole’s production is sinfully good.

“Terror In Disguise” is undeniable in about a dozen exciting ways. Savannah Nider is at the top of her game and riding her greatest songwriting wave to date. She has progressed to unraveling exceedingly complex human behavior and sentiments, with precision and devastation, unlocking the best work of her career. Savannah continues to collaborate with the same creative team, but with a different emphasis. Here there is a sense of urgency.

“Terror In Disguise” evokes the heartbreaking dynamic of being in love with someone who appears to have become largely deceitful and indifferent toward you. It finds Savannah Nider engaging in a remarkably mature and complex approach to a toxic relationship. It has a heartbreaking innocence and earnestness.


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