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You get great rappers, you get superb producers…and then you get nineteen year old Solomon King, aka SckSolo (pronounced SickSolo), who does both equally well. Born in Alaska, raised in Georgia and currently based in Las Vegas, SckSolo shows rap tendencies with a pop sensibility. The results are a multitude of quick-witted lyricism, placed on a rolling piano-driven catchy track. On “Trippy”, he shows his ability to write and sing a strong hook. The track is complete with a pumping bass line, and every intention of getting listeners into a groove.

Now we all know the quality of hip-hop has gone downhill, with a lot of artists either going for shock value with vulgar lyrics or relying heavily on production rather than good rhymes. SckSolo brings a different game to the table. “Trippy” has a great blend of what hip-hop should be. Awesome production combined with good lyricism.

SckSolo tends to not be overly vulgar, which is positive for me too. While the industry still tries to find a sense of direction, SckSolo managed to make a good single that unfortunately may be passed over by many fans, who may not get to hear about it.

The blend of melody and hip hop in “Trippy” is another reason I’ll keep coming back for more. Often this is a forgotten or totally ignored aspect for the genre, mostly because rappers don’t have singing voices, and probably don’t need to have one anyway, but it is kind of a defining factor when you find a rapper that can carry a tune, something SckSolo is capable of.

As it just gives the track that extra flavor and diversity. But what I like most about SckSolo is that he doesn’t present himself as a wizened philosopher and carries on like an ordinary human being, without the overthinking and over-explaining that defines some of his peers.

It’s a difference between intelligent artists and wack artists. In other words, SckSolo doesn’t sermonize, he just raps and the music pivots accordingly. “Trippy” is packed tight with thoughts, anxieties, and anecdotes, which SckSolo shapes into a big picture for all to see and relate to.

It really doesn’t get easier than this – as long as you stick closely to his flow, you’ll get the vibe. SckSolo is a good technical rapper. He is incredibly nimble and when he’s in the zone he can go toe to toe with many. His best moments on “Trippy” find him dropping into double-time at will and lacerating tough phrases like a master craftsman. Not bad for a nineteen year old!


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