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Bristol and London-based duo, producer Dominic Owen (Biggie Smalls, Julian Marley, Lil Kim) and musician Tom Carr, have fused their musical backgrounds to create a sound that’s both familiar and fresh. With a touch of Portishead’s lush melodies, the hypnotic beats of DJ Shadow, and textured musical layers reminiscent of Air, Short Wave Craft has carved out a unique sound that’s all their own. The addition of soulful R&B and dream pop to the mix gives the music an extra impact, making Short Wave Craft’s sound versatile and full of surprises.

The pair split their time between Bristol and London, where they are deeply immersed in both cities’ independent music scenes, bringing in an eclectic array of artists to collaborate with. Short Wave Craft’s online following has grown with the release of their first single, ‘Why’, and the subsequent EP, ‘Panties & Pickles’. And they’re only getting started. With the release of their euphoric trip-hop single, ‘I Need You Tonight’, and plans for a full-length album and another EP in the works, 2023 is set to be a big year for Short Wave Craft.

With their newest release, Short Wave Craft continue to break down musical boundaries and defy narrow classification. This dynamic duo brings together a dazzling combination of eclecticism, stunning sound sculpting, and exotic adventurousness, delivering a sophisticated yet raw sound that’s bursting with color and movement.

The duo’s explorative spirits and relentless drive to push the limits of music forward, all while paying homage to their musical roots, have resulted in a truly mesmerizing sonic experience. The music is a true spectacle, with an effortless, dynamic beat that is both seductive and mystical, conjuring up a soulful, otherworldly atmosphere.

With a blend of both organic and synthetic elements, Short Wave Craft’s “I Need You Tonight” is a true triumph of creativity and innovation. The music is pulsing with life, and is infused with a sense of magic that defies description.

The essence of soul is at the heart of Short Wave Craft’s latest masterpiece. With each layer carefully crafted to drift and shine, the slow-burning chill of the composition is elevated to new heights. These musical mavericks pay meticulous attention to every sound, treating each tone with love and skillful precision.

The warm, soulful scents of their music mingle with frosty chill vibes, as fragments of skittering percussion dance and twirl. The otherworldly ambience is truly breathtaking, with flavors of melodic and hypnotic haziness colliding in beautiful harmony.

In a world where truly unique songs are few and far between, it takes a special kind of musical adventurer to uncover the sonic treasures hiding on the fringes of the musical sphere. But with an open mind and a bit of luck, one can find musical masterpieces waiting to be discovered.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of discovering the musical prowess of Short Wave Craft yet, consider yourself lucky. You have stumbled upon a rare gem, a sound so captivating and absorbing that it will wash away all of your worries.

Short Wave Craft’s music is an expansive soundscape, filled with gentle ambiance and a beauty that defies description. So take a dive into their musical world, and let the hypnotic rhythms and lush soundscapes transport you to a place of peace and tranquility. If you are already a fan of Short Wave Craft, I assume they have been warming your hearts and stirring your minds, and who knows, might be pleasuring your ears right now.

While they may incorporate familiar instrument or vocal sounds, the arrangements and use of effects make Short Wave Craft’s work stand out. The duo is definitely a current contender for the most cool and satisfying listening experience of 2023.

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