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SUMMY is a US-based pop singer who captured the attention of audiences and the music industry with a viral video. SUMMY’s cover of “Issues” by Julia Michaels landed her a spot on MTV’s Cover of the Month and was watched by over half a million music enthusiasts all over the world. These viewers included award-winning producers, and Lady Gaga, who retweeted the video. After her runaway success, SUMMY focused on producing original work. Her current single “Sus” is available now. A music video and album are in the works, and SUMMY is looking ahead to announcing a tour in the near future.

Far from being a copy-and-paste instant songstress, SUMMY’s emerging and distinctive sound, will steadily establish a foothold in mainstream pop, aided by breathily-voiced verses, soaring choruses and smash electro-pop beats.

The results on her latest track, “Sus” is largely sparkling. It glides from shimmering electro-pop rhythms to skittering R&B vocal intonations. This is the sound of an artist treading in her comfort zone, all ready to reach through the stratosphere for stardom.

“Sus” presents SUMMY with the opportunity to define her personal brand and carve out a niche in a field dominated by ambitious, super-colossal personalities. Through personal, intimate lyrics, nuanced vocals and a modern cutting edge sound, she lays down her own sonic footprints.

Injecting a much-needed celestial charm in to pop music. The track most definitely demonstrates the perfect fusion of SUMMY’s authentic vocals and a thrilling electro-pop tune.

SUMMY has the talent to go from a viral video star, to a fully-fledged popstar with her eyes set firmly on chart success. Her boundless energy is reflected in her high-impact electro-pop that’s morphed from wistful to rapacious nuances, hitting the sweet spot of pop homogeneity.

SUMMY has officially moved into a completely new era with the release of “Sus”, as she takes a break from her cover-versions exploits on YouTube. The leap to releasing originals seems to work brilliantly, with SUMMY’s versatile vocals and shifting musical style coming to her aid.

“Sus” is definitely a full-fledged pop single of the highest order, where SUMMY has managed to keep in touch with the genre’s affinity for electronic music, allowing for an easy transition into a higher place for her talents.

Vocally powerful, lyrically relatable – the track has everything a modern pop song should have, including a meticulous production aesthetic. She has matured within the sounds of her cover work and is now ready to establish herself as an artist to be reckoned with.

“Sus” may not be a groundbreaking sound we haven’t heard before, but it certainly packs a punch and shows off exactly what SUMMY does best. Her fluttering, ethereal vocal styling is entirely captivating, and perhaps most importantly of all, it feels passionately honest. Something that often proves to be decisive with an audience. If anyone is to be a shining example of raw talent eventually paying off, it will be SUMMY.


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