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Notwithstanding all the genre upheaval and the music industry being turned on its head by the advancement of technology, southern-fried American rock bands have been defending their turf. The Dolan Band come from Texas, but they are steeped in and influenced by the traditions of the south, which means they’re mostly grooving hard n’ heavy, with lashings of Pop, Country and a healthy dose of Blues and rock n’ roll. The band makes the kind of spirited racket purveyed by Gov’t Mule, Black Stone Cherry, Blackberry Smoke, Supersonic Blues Machine et al. In essence, The Dolan Band are one of those collectives who exemplify what it means to rock out and touch people through sound. The Dolan Band have recently released 2 brand new singles to show their love for good old fashioned soulful music.

“She’s Mine” opens with chunks of sweeping guitars and a whiskey-ravaged croak as the rhythm section unleash a boot-tapping beat halfway between a struttin’ blues and Americana rock-out. The track has both grungy power and grinding menace, and is layered, polished and full of arena-worthy choruses.

The Dolan Band throw in over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek lyrics on a party bombast beat, but it’s all good clean fun, as the song goes: “She wears a smile like she ain’t got nothing to hide. She got every man wishing he could be there tonight…” The band have so much genuine warmth, and when the songs are this good, even cynics would find it hard not to belt along to the ear-catching chorus of “She’s Mine”.

“You Do This To Me” is slightly slower but no less groovier. Still concerned with matters of the heart, The Dolan Band lay into this one with all the musical firepower they have at their disposal. Crunchy guitars, resonating pianos, banging drums and a reverberating voice that could bring the rafters down.

This is a definite team effort with each band member displaying their musical prowess. And they rock. And they roll. And they strut. And they swagger. With a fiery guitar solo in the middle that could, frankly just go on and on and on until the song fades out. There are reasons that The Dolan Band sound like they do – hard work and talent, and these tracks ooze with both.

I can sincerely say it took me just one listen to really get into these tracks. First impressions were excellent, and after having it on several times for review, they really, really grew on me even more. The Dolan Band have the goods, however you interpret that statement. They can play the hell out of their instruments while dishing out sharp, heartfelt and entertaining verses.

Pouring heart and soul into every note and lyric, The Dolan Band take pride in bringing the spark of true Blues and Rock n’ Roll to the people who matter most, the fans. They may have started out as a cover band on the local circuit but now they’re quite ready to entice audiences all over the world.


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