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Michael Obrycki, who uses the artistic moniker MIIKØ, is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and audio engineer, from Ohio, who has also been developing his singer-songwriter skills. MIIKØ has released a series of successful singles over the last couple of years, as well as collaborating with Adonis Butler, and producing tracks for Lindsay Cardy, James DeMuth, and more. His latest single release is entitled “The Feeling”. After one listen through this track, you can tell that MIIKØ has made a song he’s been desperate to make for a while. The polished production of his previous tracks is still there but there is an even smoother and deeper etherealness running through the arrangement.  MIIKØ voice sounds better than it ever has, the music is catchy and memorable, and there’s plenty soul flowing from each bar. It’s a chill, life-affirming number with an elegant beat and ear-warming vocals.

The opening shimmering keys sets the tone for the record, and there’s a lot here to enjoy and unpack. The song opens up into a feel-good soulful slow-burning jam. It sounds loose and free, with MIIKØ’s resonating tone gracefully driving the melody.

MIIKØ sounds invigorated, the track showcasing both his vocal and songwriting talents, and his chemistry with the production makes for a great vibe. For all the beautiful butterfly imagery in the project, the music is essentially familiar MIIKØ matter against an evolved, more expansive electronic backdrop.

The track places MIIKØ in ultra-modern, retooled troubadour territory, with his laid-back-to-the-point-of-horizontal vocal intonation complemented by a delicate electro tapestry of sound. There is a simplicity and directness to his image and his music, never allowing a fussy arrangement to get in the way of the melodic hook, and living in the moment rather than overstating any themes.

MIIKØ exudes a disarming confidence on “The Feeling”, which he delivers with as much personality as the refined arrangement allows. The record does come off as a cautious celebration of life and love, never sounding dishonest, and, there is great charm to be found in the polished production and MIIKØ’s optimistic delivery.

The thing about MIIKØ is he doesn’t need fancy production as his distinctive, all-embracing vocals are enough. Yet he has both on hand, to captivate and hold your attention. The singer knows how to lead you through a track without boring you, as he unfolds his intriguing narrative. MIIKØ wins you over with a lot of honesty and big emotions. But you will be drawn in by the entire soundscape on “The Feeling”.

This track feels like a true reflection of MIIKØ’s artistry and it could well be his finest body of work. Its sound radiates a deep passion beneath the lyrics. For sheer heart-on-sleeve passion, soul and that superb voice, “The Feeling” is a huge recommend from us!


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