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Chinedu Moses Chukwunta aka Trapafara, is a Nigerian – American rapper, songwriter, record producer and philanthropist, born to Nigerian in Delta State. He attended Urhobo College Effurun and relocated to America with the music. He was originally a commercial recording studio CEO (Young Money Records Nig.) and thus got the name De Boss. There is something that crackles in the air with a palatable energy when you first listen an exciting artist that you for some reason have not heard before. As you listen, you keep waiting for the missteps and weak points. But, then track after track they don’t come and your excitement builds with each passing fadeout until there are none. And, when you’re done and realize there are no missteps, no weak spots, no skippable tracks, just a great catalog of honest art that make you happy to hear it. Such was the case when I dived into Trapafara’s work.

Whether you’re a Generation X child who enjoys rap bars, or a Millennial who thrives on melodic R&B twists, you’ll find common ground in Trapafara’s music, and especially on his latest single “Toxic King”. Particularly musical and catchy, the single is wrapped up in a soulful croon, sitting alongside straight ahead rap flows. It stands apart from the crowd and moves its collage art to the forefront. Its broad scope and infectious sounds will soon capture your attention.

“I know what you want. I know how you like it. Come into my room Baby girl,” sings Trapafara. His intentions openly clear: “I put you in the mood. I take you to the moon baby. Come into my room.” Trapafara’s smooth tone and flow might even be enough to bring the Boomers into his fold.

All of which means his capable of beguiling any crowd with his talents. And he certainly knows how to please the women too: “She want slow stroking. Slow kissing and slow pushing.” A sprinkling of electric guitar within the instrumental is also a welcome surprise.

Trapafara’s ability to connect through his realness and musicality comes shining through on “Toxic King”. His storytelling on this record is both gripping and engaging, as he unfolds a tale of passion with someone else’s lady.

Trapafara is able to offer “Toxic King” as this unique hybrid between R&B and hip-hop, a combination very visible in today’s climate. Except Trapafara doesn’t need features to pull this off, though, as not only is his singing voice one-of-a-kind, but he’s also a sharply witted rapper with an innate sense of flow and confidence.

Trapafara has pieced together a brilliant sounding mosaic of influences on “Toxic King” as he continues to innovate and be nothing short of himself. He transitions fluidly between verse and chorus, rapping and transforming into a melody without the listener even noticing.

With this single, Trapafara establishes himself as one of the most adaptable and versatile performers out there. Every single one of his vast collection of talents is on full display here. “Toxic King” may just be his best work so far.


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