Tucker Ronzetti – “Tired of Troubadours” sits between honest lyrical explorations and catchy, well-constructed songs

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Tucker Ronzetti is a Miami-based musician who blends poetry with blues, rock and folk, to create a unique sonic stew. He creates his songs in collaboration with local musicians in his band the Remaindermen and others he jams with – like harp player Chip Corlett – and especially with New York based actor and musician Cara Ronzetti. Right from the jump, the EP “Tired of Troubadours” sounds like a very accessible recording, trading between honest lyrical explorations and catchy, well-constructed songs. The whole EP is full of energy and passion, not to mention all of the jaw-dropping musicianship one would expect from well-versed artisans.

Tucker Ronzetti

Tucker Ronzetti insatiable hunger for making music seems to lead him to notable projects like “Tired of Troubadours”. Furthermore, the talented bunch of collaborators heard on this recording, perfectly execute Tucker’s vast musical vision. Ronzetti’s songs reveal all the strength of the songwriter. He gave these tracks easy on the ear melodies, but never made them too sleek, while also instilled in them enough depth, to give each one lasting appeal.

The album kicks off with the bluesy “The Devil Speaks To Me”. Tucker Ronzetti’s deeply soulful pipes has a roots-based tone, and his vocal abilities prove to work rather well with the song’s gritty but moody lilt. The lead guitar is fiery, tightly focused, yet relaxed, leading the organic onslaught of the instrumentation.

This what you would call authentic down-home blues. Up next, Cara Ronzetti delivers a committed performance on the swinging brass-infused jam, “Let’s Stay In Bed Today”. Her presence is hard to miss, as her voice is resonant and dynamic.

“Armageddon Blues” sees Tucker lead the way upfront with tasteful vocals and guitar, ably supported by the warm, shimmering keys and driving drumbeat. The song’s similarly superb sound quality is indicative of the clarity of thought permeating the musicianship and the production.

This brings us to the grittier, upbeat momentum of “Low Down”, where Tucker Ronzetti lets his groove and mojo all hang out. He parcels out the arrangement in a purposeful sequence to generate an intense momentum.

Cara Ronzetti

The title track, “Tired of Troubadours”, showcases Tucker Ronzetti’s storytelling skills as he unfolds his narrative: “So tired of troubadours who sing off key. So dumb dressing up for a bar. So sick of the sailors who hang at the bar. Smiling when they hear its last call,” affirms Tucker.

His voice becoming increasingly melodic and prominent. The soulful simplicity of its sound and delivery invites contemplation of what’s preceded and further encourages the pleasurable processing of an EP as disciplined as it spontaneous sounding.

The Ep closes with the folk-infused “In Love Again”, featuring the wistful vocals of Cara Ronzetti. The poignancy of this track is something that will really hit you. There’s so much to unpack, both lyrically and musically in this song. It is full of intricate and sophisticated riffs and flourishes, with Cara’s voice hitting you in the sweet spot. The musicianship is so tight and Cara Ronzetti’s voice so affecting, you can’t help but be moved by the track.

One thing becomes clear by the end of this EP, “Tired of Troubadours” isn’t just Tucker Ronzetti and a group of collaborators recording some tunes. This is a very skilled unit bursting with musicians and singers at the top of their game.


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