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In the ever-evolving realm of alternative hip-hop, Levi Grxce emerges as a luminary, showcasing his formidable talent and unique artistic identity through his latest offering, “Rise To Grace.” With a decade of dedicated work behind him, this 25-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer has set the stage for his wide-distribution debut under the name Levi Grxce. An artist whose musical roots traverse genres as diverse as Johnny Cash and Kendrick Lamar, Levi Grxce’s journey has culminated in an album that seamlessly melds influences from Trap, Soul, RnB, Rock, Pop, and even Orchestral elements into a captivating auditory experience.

“Rise To Grace” is an opus that straddles the threshold of the alternative hip-hop landscape with a forward-thinking fervor. Its sprawling canvas consists of 16 tracks, each a testament to Levi Grxce’s mastery of bars, beats, grooves, and melodies. The album’s production is nothing short of hypnotic, demonstrating Levi Grxce’s knack for crafting multi-layered compositions that immerse listeners in captivating auras, atmospheres, and moods.

Aside from his technical talents, Levi Grxce possesses a gift, one that sets him apart in the world of lyricism – the ability to make words rhyme with an effortless grace. His verses, no matter how impactful, remain pleasing to the ear. Perhaps it’s the nimbleness with which his flows can shift gears or the abundance of his wordplay that bewitches us. Regardless, Levi Grxce’s narratives sound authentic, rendering every song an extension of his soul, rather than a contrived construction.

Another factor that sets Levi Grxce apart is his capacity to deliver profound life philosophies without ever coming across as preachy. “Rise To Grace” is imbued with a sense of maturity that runs through the lyrics, portraying an artist poised to embark on his most significant creative journey yet. In an unexpected twist, Levi Grxce has managed to outdo his previous work, fashioning an album that is profoundly personal, reflective, multifaceted, and relatable. It stands as a compelling contender for one of the finest genre-bending independent albums of the year.

The tracks within “Rise To Grace” form a rich tapestry of Levi Grxce’s artistic vision, each bearing its own unique imprint. “LVLUP” kicks off the album with an infectious energy that sets the tone for what’s to come. “SAYLESS & STAY BLESSED” explores faith, and introspection, while “COULDN’T GO BACK TO 2000” takes a trip through self-discovery. Collaborative effort “CHEVRON” featuring APEMAN adds a dynamic dimension to the album, and “NIGHTS LIKE THESE” delivers a contemplative yet groovy experience.

Levi Grxce’s artistry shines brilliantly on “ADDICT,” “CARS IN TRAFFIC,” and the poignant two-part narrative of “DON’T CARE (Jaidens Song Pt. I)” and “TAKE A BREAK (Jaidens Song Pt. II).” “FOCUSED ON U” oozes with vibe and groove, “OBSOLETE” carries an air of enigmatic charm, and “EVERYTHING WORKS ITSELF OUT” embraces an optimistic outlook with vibrant strings.

“UNCHARTED WATERS” and “MOMENTUM” sail into infectious and unexplored territories, while “EVERY ENDING///NEW BEGINNING” captivates with its sultry melody and depth. The album gracefully concludes with “FINE LINE,” leaving the listener with a lingering sense of satisfaction.

In a music industry often dominated by the mainstream, Levi Grxce stands tall as a beacon of creativity, authenticity, and innovation. “Rise To Grace” is a testament to his dedication and artistry, offering a genre-bending sonic journey that transcends boundaries and connects deeply with the soul.

Levi Grxce’s evolution is a marvel to behold, and this album cements his status as a noteworthy artist in the independent music scene. Every song invites the listener into his world, where stories unfold with a resonance that lingers long after the music fades. As Levi Grxce ascends to new heights, one can’t help but wonder what the future holds for this gifted artist. He has indeed risen to grace, and we are fortunate to bear witness to his ascent.


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