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V12 is a rapper from Boca Raton, FL. Now residing in Las Vegas, he is ready to let the world hear his sound after a 9-year hiatus from the music game. Previously in a music group as a young teen, V12’s music has developed into a mature sound. , the rapper is ready to release his much-anticipated project “The Commission”. The first single from the album “What You Need” ft. Arenbe Williams, is available now. So I grab a copy and press play.

Instantly there is a pretty intense build-up. I’m pumped for this drop. The drums have bite, and V12 sounds good. He arguably has one of the crystalline voices out of all his contemporaries. He also has the lyrical weight and personality to really sell the imagery he paints. Every word is delivered with this vigorous raw energy. The pocket is getting murdered.

In jumps Arenbe Williams on the hook. This is an excellent soulful melody. It carries the exhilaration of the verse. On the second verse, the weight of V12’s voice doesn’t sound heavy at all, as he plays with the flow, sound, and style. I love the wordplay. Packing these words into the flow is not an easy trick.

Without out a doubt V12 is aiming for the clubs with this. Moreover, it’s a body of work that shows every side of the artist; the layers of his artistry are all highlighted throughout. The song mirrors V12 in its appeal: emotionally direct and technically virtuosic.

With his new single release, V12 tries to find a lane of his own, while maintaining some sort of mainstream exposure in the process. “What You Need” ft. Arenbe Williams shines when the music matches V12’s dynamic lyricism and resonating voice, which is almost all of the time.

There are a lot of catchy attention-grabbing verses and hooks to follow, which can be a rarity in songs with only a 3 minute plus run-time. The bass booms strong, the drums steadily pace forward, and the atmosphere envelops completely, all while contrasted by the melodic hook. It works extremely well, and is a perfect example of the style of production V12 works best with.

The new single captures V12 at his peak. It’s bold, candid stuff. His ability to create catchy, soulful hip-hop that is still lyrical, is one sorely missed by other artists in the mainstream, making his craft feel more important and calculated.

If it’s true that winners just outwork the competition, then no one must be working harder than V12. “What You Need” ft. Arenbe Williams is a fine addition to his label’s catalogue, and a solid entry into his own discography.


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