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Ohio based, Atlanta bred artist Young Corn has been building a core fan-base that provides him with the inspiration to keep creating and innovating, which includes his exciting new wave sound he has dubbed “melodizing.”  His latest single “3”, is a collaboration with a fellow artist on Soundcloud.  The single is an amalgam of the trends that made a whole lot of Soundcloud rappers famous over the past three years — his crooning rap blends singing and rapping, and odd flavors like trap and R&B influences. The SoundCloud generation loves to compare themselves to rock stars. But it’s more than just an aesthetic. The music and lyrics are reminiscent of 2000’s alternative rock, specifically the sub-genres emo and pop-punk.  On his own terms Young Corn is ready to impact the hip-hop culture.

Young Corn’s potential breakout single may just be “3”, which is ready to hit the stratosphere in 2019. Praised for his lyrics as well as his style, he chronicles love, passion and heartbreak from the streets. With a heavy pulsating bassline that drifts away as Young Corn sings of cheating on his girl, “3” is a quality track, the chorus is really catchy, and the production has this head-nod inducing quality.

Despite the track’s short run-time, it is able to make quite an impression. Young Corn’s latest venture is an unwavering commitment to his sound, and unlike many of his contemporaries, this is more of a gift than it is a curse for him.

Right now, there are a plethora of artists using the trending styles and sounds of the new wave. So many of these newer rappers are achieving notoriety by simply putting their own spins on contemporary styles. Even if it’s just a slight tweak of what everyone else is doing, minor adjustments along with that particular artist’s persona can go a long way.

In that respect, Young Corn is distinct enough to be recognizable, and if he keeps his creative momentum going, soon he’ll be different enough to blow your mind. He’s a traplike-crooner who loves to interpolate melody into his raps, especially on his hooks.

That style makes this record an emo roller coaster ride; Young Corn has a whole lot to say, along with the different vibes he has to offer the listener. So when he’s at his best, his music is are extremely catchy and full of life. I imagine that a song like “3” will have crowds going wild at live shows.

In this age of rappers identifying with rock stars, Young Corn’s crescendos and vocal arrangements can be very rockstar-like. Young Corn focuses on crafting the catchiest, most melodic trap bangers he can cultivate, and on “3” he has an opportunity to distinguish himself, so when he strikes a chord on this record, he’s compelling to listen to.

If you’re a sucker for low-bpms, rumbling subs, shimmering keyboard loops, poppin’ drum beats, and fluttering hi-hats, as well as an even bigger sucker for rappers who can flow melodically over the aforementioned beats effortlessly, then Young Corn is your go to rapper.


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