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New York based Nocturnal Seven Entertainment has a rich history of working with an array of artists in the R&B, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Freestyle genres. Since the late 90s their work as an established management company has led to partnerships with big names in music including Supreme, a Producer from Wu Tang and Positive K, Grand Puba, Will Traxx, DJ Red Alert among many others. The company is proud to announce its new wave of talent, including thrilling new artist Yung Wavii. Wavii is a charismatic rapper whose lyrics get to the point quickly. He is a rapper that relies on determination and inspiration. To listen to him is to hear somebody who is trying to reach out to you. He’s talking to the listener more than the average emcee is. His desire is for us to follow to understand his story, and reflect on his message. Wavii’s best attribute is his voice. He has a twist in his voice that he uses to his advantage.

From the moment the single, “Come Over Feat. Tai Smoove” opens, a sense of epic importance resonates from the music. Yung Wavii’s delivery has never been frail, but the booming bark of his declarations feel more astounding on this project. The instrumental soulfully creeps along while the kick drum rattles anything not nailed down.

Tai Smooth brings in the traditional R&B chorus, before Wavii jumps on in. Their chemistry is natural and the deliveries are refined. The smooth record is more than just a gorgeous musical composition, it has a sensual romantic story behind it as well. Wavii’s rhymes are designed to string out little observations until they form a big idea.

“Come Over Feat. Tai Smoove” toes the line between classic and contemporary hip-hop, as Yung Wavii shows off his ability to make the sinful seem noble. The level of craftsmanship exhibited by Wavii is also astonishing.

The crystalline delivery, the professional wordplay, the polished vocabulary sprinkled with tasteful nuances; his bars on the track left such an impression on me I started the song over right after it ended. What makes the track such an outstanding project overall is how easily you personally connect with the story and the music.

Truth is, when “Come Over” opens with its beautiful melody, powered by the sultry vocals of Tai Smoove, you’ll already be hooked. And when the story starts to open with Yung Wavii’s narrative, a sense of tenacious command occurs which keeps you glued to the storyline.

As the moments build from verse to verse moving deeper into the story, you can see the growth in Wavii’s flow and delivery. He controls the vocal strength of his delivery, not losing focus and grabbing the listener’s attention bar-for-bar. “Come Over Feat. Tai Smoove” doesn’t contain a single dull moment and holds the listener accountable to embrace its sensuous moments.

This will without a doubt be bumping for some time to come, especially as a soundtrack for those late night bedroom jams.


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