Zach Harrison – “Gold” hits the listener’s sweet spot!

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Zach Harrison is a 19 year old aspiring artist from San Antonio, Texas. Currently living in London, studying Music Production in his first year. He is a pop singer, who has played drums for 7 years and is teaching himself to play the piano. Working mostly out of his bedroom, he aims to break through the barrier and start to work closely with different producers. Zach’s latest single, “Gold”, is a mellow, heart-string-tugging ballad with a mellifluous, multi-syllabic melody and well-played lyrical details, together with a chorus that unflinchingly pledges love.

The song ends unexpectedly, on a questioning note that leaves the listener anticipating more — a clever songwriting flourish that makes the song resonate even more than it does already, and plays to a fan-base that will soon be moving towards Zach Harrison’s music.

“Gold” is a remarkably well-crafted pop song that finds the singer delivering a smooth, moody and mellow, introspective style. Good things almost always result when an artist knows his strengths. Zach Harrison has capitalized on his emotional register, encapsulating whole worlds of fulfillment, loneliness, longing, and true love.

Without being overwhelming or melodramatic, everything is so fully, completely, and perfectly in its right place on “Gold” that makes it hit the listener’s sweet spot. Zach is one of the few young singers who understands that the music surrounding him is far more about restraint than it is about release; who grasps that most of its movement is felt rather than heard, since it occurs at the deepest edge of normal human auditory capability.

Zach understands that volume and drama aren’t necessary dominating elements of stirring emotional pop music, and that the most profound emotional moments occur on a more intimate scale. He uses his voice carefully, which is important because you know he’s intonation is meaningful, rather than showy.

From these elements alone, it’s easy to surmise that this is an artist who knows his strengths. And as “Gold” unfolds, that statement feels truer with each passing verse. Its elegant, simple and jangly guitar-driven architecture, is fleshed out with a constantly evolving range of deep vocal currents that steadily maintain center stage.

Feeling true to himself as an artist, Zach Harrison takes a stand with his voice on “Gold”, and the record shows a compellingly intimate side of the artist. Oh so smooth, it will undoubtedly make anyone swoon. The warmth carries with the genuineness and sincerity in Zach’s voice.

Moreover, the song on whole, has a way of conveying emotion lyrically and through the simplicity of the music. The songwriting is genius and relatable, conveying the common feeling of relationship sentiments.

“Gold” is a confident step forward that could very well usher in a new and bigger phase of Zach Harrison’s career. Anyone who feels they could positively contribute to this important phase in Zach’s ongoing evolution, and would like to collaborate with the artist, should not hesitate to connect with him.

Zach Harrison has a deep desire to broaden his horizons, and move forward artistically, and he would be happy to do so with like-minded creatives.



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