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AMARU revels in the sexy-hyperbole-over-brooding-good-looks aesthetic, combining his wry double entendre lyricism and euphoric platitudes over the sexy two-track single “JOYSTICK”. He is often his own best feature, multi-layering husky hooks and soulful exclamations to great and endearing effect. AMARU’s tracks usually have a generous helping of highlights, not least because of the artist’s enviable vocal versatility and affinity for dramatic song-craft, an irresistible combo that sees him playing both the innocent hero and the sexy villain in his catalog of captivating fantasies. The singer-songwriter and a trained actor, has consistently delivered solid projects. With the release of his new single, “JOYSTICK”, he’s done it again.

Originally from the Republic of Suriname, but residing in The Netherlands since 1991, AMARU keeps pushing the boundaries, both lyrically and musically, of his craft. Although it has never been his modus operandi to stray too far from his favored electro-pop and dance grooves, he always uses his music to infuse new sounds, expanding on his usual implementation of the genre.

Listeners knew he was coming with unique edge when he released his acclaimed album, “CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE”, which also featured rap, reggae and rock flavors. “JOYSTICK” is loaded with edgy urban atmosphere and an abundance of sexual innuendo.

When you come (yes, pun intended!) to this one, expect exhilarating waves of upbeat, orgasmic sonics, and naughty but nice verbiage. AMARU raps, sings and squeals with delight as he works his way through the risqué premise: “You can bring your x-box, I will bring my joystick (Say whaaattt???).” AMARU’s sense of provocative humor and a particularly-bananas falsetto runs riot in the song, twisting “JOYSTICK” into a subtly subversive party soundtrack.

AMARU’s main audience is the grown, consent-is-sexy generation, while “JOYSTICK” reaches out to the crowd of empowered sexual beings. The singer-songwriter leans into themed metaphors without sacrificing meaning for cutesy wordplay, but instead, excels in melding the two.

It is a vibrant banger, built around classic, dripping-hot horn licks, and beefy, muscular polyrhythms. The thrust of the rhythm is perpetual, pushing the melody into overload, as AMARU lets it out: “Shake that thang, shake that thang, baby lemme see you shake that thang…”

AMARU undoubtedly raises the stakes on the stunning “JOYSTICK”. In lesser hands, this could have simply ended up being a real corny song. Instead this single feels like a concerted effort to further distinguish AMARU from the pack by showing off more the skills in his toolbox.

His songwriting is daring enough to oscillate smartly between confident bedroom entreaties and self-deprecating manifestos, when called for. All are cleverly displayed in the enlightening verse: “No, this is not misogyny. You’re just a freak like me. One on one together we flow. Now let’s get back to the chateau.”

AMARU is much more than just a par-for-the-course singer-songwriter, who somehow still seems underrated, especially when you factor in raw talent and paid dues. “JOYSTICK” continues to let his craft do the talking, once again proving that he is a crisp, precise perfectionist, basically born to be an alluring entertainer.

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