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Doug Cash is a singer songwriter musician producer, and Ceo / Owner of Pryor 2 What ? Records and Music Publishing (ascap ).With a whole host of singles and  albums under his belt, Cash is no newcomer to the folk, pop and rock scene, and each one of his releases is well worth the wait. His latest single, “Wouldn’t it be much easier 3”, is everything a folk-rock recording should be, with thoughtful lyrics nestled into a well-crafted song and a simple arrangement that puts the song first.

Doug’s gentle, but profound storytelling is a snapshot of those relationships intricacies and misunderstandings cause havoc with our sentiments. And as always, Doug Cash’s material benefits from his warm tenor, eye for detail and neat turns of phrase.

Doug Cash’s work has developed along a particular line over the last few years, and it can be seen and heard in “Wouldn’t it be much easier 3”. He pays close attention to the details in his craft — rhyme, musical economy, tight melodies, and storytelling – and moreover, whether what’s in the song is true to it in every sense.

Cash doesn’t waste bars with extra instrumental fat or superfluous production gloss. He cuts to the core of the song, so that its meaning reaches the listener in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Doug Cash’s easy, amiable delivery, blending bittersweet adages with an unfailingly affable style, is hard to resist. His voice leans towards the folk music singer-songwriter territory, and has a warming, comforting feeling, that is emotionally embracing.

His thing with deep affecting lyrics really build up a momentum on “Wouldn’t it be much easier 3” and gets it rolling, making it another of his catchiest songs. I can hardly imagine anyone not liking this track, unless they are pure metal-heads or only into hardcore rap.

Anywhere in-between is comfortably in Doug Cash’s melodic, storytelling territory!


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