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The video for the track, ‘Born Alone Die Alone’, was shot in the Chinatown section of Bangkok (Thailand), by the digital nomad producer and mc Duvee Davis.  The song is about the importance of self-reliance. Many hip-hop tracks that top the Billboard 200 these days share more than a few sellout telltale characteristics. Meanwhile, the underground continues to cook with concise and consistent rap projects. Less concerned about gaming the system than feeding the streets, these nimbly released and digestible efforts come from talents like Duvee Davis.

A profoundly skilled rapper, Duvee Davis is navigating the system on his own steam. ‘Born Alone Die Alone’ offers a glimpse at the power of his pen, the top-tier lyricism and the flow of his rapping style. The product of a deceptively simple recipe, the musical and thematic ingredients Davis brings to the table achieves near-perfection when combined. His wordplay and lyricism come through loud and clear.

‘Born Alone Die Alone’ provides a perfect blend of introspection, grit and empowerment that results in a masterful rap project from an artist that sounds at the top of his game. The track is filled with some significant highlights throughout its runtime, including the soulful and melodic hook, which adds pathos and atmosphere to and already emotion-filled arrangement.  Duvee Davis flows effortlessly; each bar segues into another seamlessly, and the imagery he presents to the listener is incredibly vivid.

Duvee Davis makes full use of the instrumentation, which provides more than enough room for him to deliver quality verses. ‘Born Alone Die Alone’ is a record that captures a talent thriving in his element.  At this point, you know exactly what you’re getting into, and no further explanation is needed.


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