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Antonio Altissimi alias Harrison Miller, born in Ronciglione, is an Italian composer and singer who combines classic guitar with electronic music. He divides his time between teaching and his passion for music. Miller writes a variety of tracks, from singer-songwriter to dance songs gaining large audience approval. His latest composition “Like The Wind” is distributed on all digital stores and is supported by a great video clip on YouTube.

Harrison Miller builds tracks acoustically then adding his vocals to the dance rhythms…or vice versa. Whatever the method, the result is as impressive as ever. “Like The Wind” may utilize a familiar formula, but when it sounds this good it is anything but negative.

Harrison Miller
Harrison Miller

In fact, what I enjoy most about the new album is the creativity with which he pushes the musical envelope with this track. Mixing dance, pop, electronica, killer hooks, a sprinkling of acoustic guitar and reverberating vocals, he has crafted solid dance track.  If you’re just starting to like electronic music with acoustic influences, you’ll probably benefit from getting this track.

“Like The Wind” is a mix of acoustic and dance music that will have any electronic or even pop music fan on their feet. Harrison Miller is truly innovative, taking the dance world and mixing it with story and statement, creating a wild ride of musical flavors.

The vocals are easy-going and delicious and so is the acoustic guitar riffs sprinkled around the beat. More important than the electronic synth sounds, is the overall uplifting vibe and feel of the song. Harrison Miller is not just your usual singer or band; he writes, performs, produces, and pretty much pulls it all together from what I can gather.

You don’t have be into EDM to enjoy “Like The Wind”, as Harrison Miller has definitely taken his music to another level. It’s dance music for sure, but it is a legitimate song with vocals and lyrics that aren’t just an after-thought of the beat, as Miller sings about always being on the move and far away from home. If you’re a total sucker for catchy melodies and upbeat dance tracks this record hits the nail right on the head for you.

I think there’s a very fine line between vocals and instrumentation, too much of either and a track can suffer. Harrison Miller has struck a solid balance that is showcased throughout this song. Vocals are spirited and meaningful while not taking away from the rest of the production. “Like The Wind” has maximum replayability with no crushing weaknesses in sight.


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