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I might have mentioned this before, but musical pieces by Italian composer Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, are like stumbling through a beautiful, busy city you’ve seen before, yet keep returning with even more enthusiasm. Not only is the bustling city life inspiring, but you can barely wait for all the new things you’ll find this time around.  His latest track, ‘Whirlwinds In The Dark’ brings back a degree of borderline experimental songwriting from the classical era, which was a wonderful time for musical exploration, both in theory and actual execution. That Lorenzo Bazzoni continues to forge his craft by pushing artistic boundaries while remaining listenable, should always be considered high achievement.

Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni knows how to reach deep and create rich dynamics within the music. On ‘Whirlwinds In The Dark’ he has set aside over 11 minutes of runtime to expand into ever-changing horizons. The arrangement has all of Bazzoni’s hallmarks, but as tried-and-trusted as those classical and progressive structures are, there are plenty unexpected twists and turns that make this new track a surprising listen. It provide flashes of racing rhythms to crashing thunder that makes it feel tense and brash.

‘Whirlwinds In The Dark’ erupts into a sweeping crescendo of percussion and orchestral passages that clash, soar and escalates to epic effect. It’s Lorenzo Bazzoni as you’ve always heard him, but also as you’ve never heard him before. It’s a continuation of Bazzoni’s bombastic instrumental hybrid orchestral rock, adding enough new elements to keep things interesting, but staying close enough to his well-known sound to ensure a cozy familiarity.

The Italian composer creates a textured, detailed soundscape reaching moments of furious intensity. It’s become something of a cliché to state how consistent Lorenzo Bazzoni is, however over time, his ability to carry on producing such high-quality output becomes all the more remarkable. Bazzoni’s musical world is often distinguished by his innovate variations on typically standard genres. The bombastic drama in his music develops naturally, descending into a series of rhythms and new atmospheres.

Remarkably, with each new release it becomes more complicated to describe exactly what Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni does in one single statement. Mood, atmosphere and dynamics, are part of the elements he uses, but increasingly it’s the finer details that have come to define what he does – the spaces between the crescendos, the buildups after the breakdowns, and so forth. ‘Whirlwinds In The Dark’ makes those moments explicit, and unmistakable.

‘Whirlwinds In The Dark’ reinforces Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni’s commitment to unpredictability and aversion to repetition. It finds him expanding his emotional and musical world outward, bringing an impressive grandeur to the record. The shape-shifting dynamics of his music pushes the envelope into something truly special. This is music that creates a film which runs in your head. Steadily broadening his range to captivating effect, ‘Whirlwinds In The Dark’ is another fine release to add to an already remarkable discography by Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni.

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