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Rocklahoma, a Memorial Day weekend festival of rock ‘n’ roll bands, boasts an impressive lineup that features rock purveyors, A Course of Action.

Set to be hosted May 22-24 in Pryor, Oklahoma, Rocklahoma 2015 kicks off the summer with a slew of rock bands doing the genre justice, including headliners Linkin Park, Tesla, Godsmack and Slayer. One such band is A Course of Action, out of Connelly Springs, North Carolina, who will take the Rocklahoma stage and make it into their own rock playground, performing their repertoire of songs that speak to any and all listeners. The appearance marks yet another festival stage they’ve rocked over the years.

Appealing to the common man, A Course of Action says their songs are, “taking rock back to the days when songs were written about stuff that real people relate to. It is meant to reach the common man and touch him on a level that he understands.” The band aims to touch each listener in a personal way that makes them find an emotion or memory in themselves that they can identify with through the lyrics they’re hearing.

All the while, these words are backed by music that gets them moving, having been inspired by such legends as Kiss, Van Halen, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin and Tool. A Course of Action is thus most commonly described as sounding like Sevendust and Alter Bridge with hints of Tool and Alice in Chains. With this in mind, the band still exudes its own unique personality in the melodies and rhythms they’ve devised. This sound can be heard on their two albums, Dark Before the Dawn (2011) and the Rocklahoma EP (2014).

A Course of Action, comprised of Jonathan Byrd (lead guitar), John Culberson (vocals, rhythm guitar), Wes Johnson (bass, backing vocals) and JT Silvestri (drums), features talented musicians with a long line of experience. In the early 90s, Byrd was in a band called Copperhead, who was signed to Mercury Records, and the other members also have longstanding musical interests.

“I don’t think anything makes you want to start playing,” said Byrd. “It’s something you are just drawn to. For me, it was a calling, not a choice.”

Over the years, A Course of Action has had a number of opportunities for large-scale live performances. In 2008, they did a USO-type tour overseas for the troops, when they visited Singapore and Diego Garcia for three weeks. In 2013, they performed at an unofficial showcase for SXSW. And in 2014, they performed at Rocklahoma, which led to still another opportunity: being hand-picked to be main stage performers at the Sturgis Bike Rally with Sevendust and Buckcherry. Their upcoming performance at Rocklahoma is the latest major appearance they’ll have, and there’s no slowing in their festival bookings.

In addition to these performances, A Course of Action has also shared the stage with a number of significant artists, particularly in the past 18 months. They include Winger, Saliva, Saving Abel, Eye Empire, Mindset Evolution and Tantric, to name a few.

Another upcoming recording appearance will be a featured track on WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 10, a collection of international independent artists who WiFi PR wants to put on the radar of music lovers and industry tastemakers the world over. Set to be released at SXSW, this digital mixtape will be handed out on 3,500 download cards to festival attendees, and 1,500 download copies will be made available on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp page.

Rock lovers need to catch A Course of Action’s upcoming performance at Rocklahoma 2015, where the band will be speaking to every listener in the audience with rock music that grooves them and lyrics that move them. In the meantime, listeners can check out the band’s music on ReverbNation or SoundCloud or learn more about them on their website.

 About A Course of Action Music

Dark Before the Dawn (2011)
Rocklahoma EP(2014)


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