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Fabio Bertagnolli is an award-winning New York Based music composer for concert, film and multimedia applications. As a teenager Fabio played trombone for the local community band in his then hometown in Northern Italy. After earning his Italian Conservatory Diploma in classical piano, Fabio continued playing trombone with a variety of bands and ensembles alongside a long list of famous conductors such as Jan Cober, Felix Hauswirth, Thomas Doss, Frank Ticheli, Josè Rafael Pasqual Vilaplana, Marco Bazzoli. After moving to New York, Fabio Bertagnolli continued his performing experiences indifferent groups, including the Brooklyn Wind Symphony.

Fabio Bertagnolli
Fabio Bertagnolli

Composing is where Fabio Bertagnolli has found particular success and consensus among fans and critics alike, receiving accolades and winning a number of awards. Mr. Bertagnolli is internationally acclaimed for his compositions, creating musical scores for award-winning films such as “Dedication”, a short documentary which has won “Best Short Documentary” and “Best Message” at the Top Indie Film Awards, as well as “Paradise”, a string orchestra piece which won in the category of “Best Music” at the American Tracks Music Award Competition 2017. Mr. Bertagnolli is currently composing original music to accompany the film “New York’d”, which he will be completing later this year.

We’re actually living in a classical revolution. Now more than ever, brilliant classical composers the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years are emerging and becoming dominant in the music world. If you think classical based music is stuffy and pompous, then maybe you should listen to “Paradise” by Fabio Bertagnolli – This track is the winner of the American Tracks Music Award Competition 2017 for the category Best Music, and also gained the Bronze Medal at Global Music Awards. The musical piece denotes a return to compositions that are lush, melodic and, most notably, tonal. Though subtle and warm in its enveloping build-up, “Paradise” has a brilliant, day-glow string orchestration, truly cinematic in its high definition, depth and bright colors.

Grand, never gauche, and emotional without being maudlin, Fabio Bertagnolli toes a fine line in embracing a postmodern aesthetic without separation from the traditional fundamentals in his compositions.  What I heard was what you would expect from a talented composer meant to engage the listener: exuberantly enchanting music – extravagantly tuneful and frequently pitched at emotional edges. Mr. Bertagnolli is that rare find among modern composers – a creator with a truly original gift, able to cross over a diverse set of styles and genres, all infused with the resilient temperament and impassioned sensibility of his native Italian culture.

Fabio Bertagnolli sets all of this off with simplicity and regularity, preserving a transparent relatability in his musical phrasing.  The result is a profound musical experience wrapped in deceptively simple and familiar musical trappings that are able to engage a wide range of listeners.


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