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Music management teams really are the industry’s Swiss Army knife. They can really transform careers. Where there’s a special artist, chances are there’s a special collective behind them, plotting moves behind the scenes. The best of the bunch tend to connect dots swiftly, think outside the box without losing sight of the little things, and, above all else, maintain a degree of close affinity and proximity to the artist and the music business itself. Music management companies exist to protect and nurture the business and creative interests of those they work with.

It takes one set of skills to help an artist make it to their first live show, and it takes another set to scale a superstar’s business around the world. Bearzerk is a multinational music company headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Melbourne and Auckland, who are able to handle multiple tasks.

Bearzerk promotes music events and manages artists in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and Asia. Described as “a family of dream-makers and fierce champions of positive entertainment,” Bearzerk believes that entertainment feeds the mind, body, and soul. This international artist management, booking agency and record label, represents some of the fastest growing talents in the EDM, House, Hip Hop, Techno, Trap, R&B and Dancehall genres.

For a new artist or band, the choice of a music management company is of crucial importance. They’ll want to be represented by a company like Bearzerk who can be trusted to deal with just about every aspect of their careers outside actually writing and performing the songs.

As technology has advanced, the music industry has consequently undergone a drastic change in the way it operates. The internet has made it both easier and harder to attract the attention of fans, venues, and the press, as both outreach and industry saturation increases at the same rate.

Hence there are companies like Bearzerk that have experience and expertise in areas to take you the extra mile when you’re at a crossroad. Anyone can talk about dreams of a headlining slot on a tour, or a glistening recording career.

It’s more impressive, however, to move ahead and turn dreams into actionable steps. Management companies have never played a more important role in the music business than today. And if your musical career has reached a certain level, you probably need one.

Bearzerk has an executive team with a proven track record for high quality performance, consisting of talent management, designers, tour managers, promoters, entertainment attorneys, seasoned business executives, and their own record label. You can keep up with the latest company information and upcoming performances on Facebook and Instagram or at their website.


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