Berlin based producer Luca Draccar drops latest 3 song EP release ‘Sugar’

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Kicking off Berlin based producer Luca Draccar’s latest 3 song release ‘Sugar’ is the album opener ‘Come Closer (Original Mix)’. With a fast tempo and swift pace, oscillating synths hover above thumping bass, thunderous kicks, and sporadic mechanical percussion. Faint voices croon and hum in the distance as the ecstatic atmosphere contracts and expands. A beautifully haunting ode to the sensation of touch.

The dark exotic rhythms continue with ‘Love Is Killing You (Original Mix)’. A sonic mix between the organic and the synthetic, cold harsh mellow percussion is juxtaposed against lively guitar riffs. The signature ethereal ambiance is present and further intoxicating at this steady slowed down speed.

Conceptually Luca Draccar states “Life Is A Sugar Pill”, a placebo for the unknown. An unknown posing as truth in place of a further unknown. ‘She Is Gone’ concludes the trip, the voyage out into musical deep space. With a hypnotic bassline, reverberating chords and pads, and synths that play as immaterial psychic beams pinging in and out between the listener’s ears, Luca Draccar completes ‘Sugar’ with masterful ease.”

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