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Camryn-Jordans--coverCamryn J Jordans is a young performer and songwriter from Adelaide, Australia. Camryn plays the trumpet, piano, guitar and sings. She has performed professionally with the Adelaide State Opera, Dream Voices and Broadway 4 Kids. Camryn performs regularly for charity events supporting Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Awareness, Leukemia Foundation, Heart Foundation and Soldier On.

15-year-old Camryn recently released her single “The Stars In Your Eyes”, which she wrote for her Dad. The song deals with PTSD and how it affects families. The true mark of an extraordinary song is when the listener experiences it from start to finish, and he or she is taken on a journey through positive or negative experiences and can feel the emotional connection behind the track. This is what Camryn Jordans accomplishes with this song.

Camryn-Jordans-300Camryn truly has a gift for writing music, and her vocal ability outshines many a female star in any music genre today. This track proves that much with its powerful, deep lyrics, and Camryn’s flawless, beautiful, and strong vocal performance. Her voice is superlative throughout, and her phrasing is excellent, while the clarity of her enunciation is superb too.

Camryn also has a great ability to tell a story and convey the meaning of a song in a genuine way. On “The Stars In Your Eyes” she manages to get in touch with her inner feelings and then communicates with audiences on emotional wavelengths few artists, even twice her age, ever reach.

You can’t help but be a fan of her voice even if you aren’t of one of the genre and in that sense I think Camryn does something special by breaking boundaries, and forcing you to listen to what she has to say. Camryn Jordans is a girl with talent, charm and unique gifts, who transmits a very honest, passionate and positive message. Her career seems laid out before her. And if she is able to keep walking the right path, Camryn may yet become one of the rare finds of this decade.


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