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Celebrity Businessman and Producer Tarik Freitekh Sells his Hollywood Hills Mansion and Buys Tom John’s Bel Air Mansion

It’s no surprise that the ultra-successful as their stock rises often move to bigger and better places.  Celebrity businessman and much in demand Producer Tarik Freitekh is no exception.  Tarik recently announced he sold his Hollywood Mansion along with the acclaimed recording studios inside, and bought a new mansion in Bel Air formerly owned by Tom John.

Tarik Freitekh
Tarik Freitekh

What could be better than a mansion in the Hollywood Hills?  If a person asked celebrity businessman, producer and director Tarik Freitekh he would likely say a mansion in Bel Air.  Recently, said to be worth well over $300 million, sold his Hollywood Hills Mansion complete with its studios where his friends like French Montana, Justin Bieber, Tyga, and the Kardashians have worked and played in, and followed up by buying Tom John’s Bel Air Mansion in all its glory.  The local media has become quite excited by the news.

Moving into a new home hasn’t slowed down Tarik’s work at all.  His own label WorldMusic, run with his partner Mostafa Srour, is working on the next few releases of Dive Haifa.  Haifa’s recent video “Breathing You In” has been a break out success premiering on MTV USA and Revolt TV, along with Vevo quickly clocking over 14 million views on YouTube and Vevo in the first few weeks.

In addition to California, Tarik well known for his business and real estate interests across the world, including homes in Dubai, Jordan and a penthouse in Miami, along with restaurants and Hookah lounges.  Tarik is also the proud owner of an internationally acclaimed, vast car collection thought to be one of the most complete in the world, highlighted by very rare limited edition Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys.

The Mansion

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