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Let’s face it. The UK has recently struggled with their Eurovision song submissions. The UK is the second biggest winner of the largest televised music competition in the world, however since the 90’s the UK has performed relatively poorly. Each year, new studios, record producers and writers are called in from around the world to help the UK’s chances.

The selection process usually starts by selection 4 artists from a pool of thousands. These four will then either compete on a televised show or by an internal committee. This has not yet been announced by the BBC. But the selection of the artists certainly has already started.

Roubix and their song ‘Human’, has already possibly been selected to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision in Rotterdam in May. Relying on a catchy beat, easy to sing along lyrics, and a positive message, are usually the defining factors when writing a winning song, and we think ‘Human’ has the potential.

It is certainly a very different kind of song from the UK. The song can currently be heard here Douze Points!!!!

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