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Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, Flav Martin writes and performs an eclectic blend of folk, pop, and rock music. He makes music on a wide variety of acoustic guitars and other string instruments (some are about 10″ long!) with a unique percussive style encompassing melody, rhythm, bass, and percussion simultaneously. He also keeps a plethora of percussion instruments nearby, which he utilizes with impressive technique and innovative style.

Flav Martin
Flav Martin

Following his 2014 album, “Not What It Seems”, Martin has now released the 11-track, “Indestructible”. I begin here not knowing how I can give this album the proper reverence that it truly deserves. Who can tell you what beauty is? Or love? Or any of the elegant traits that are bestowed upon us here? Words are used for lack of anything else. The true measure of Flav Martin’s music is felt within and varies depending on how much emotion you let yourself feel. Yes, it’s that incredible!

This album will turn you on to Flav Martin’s awesome style of lyrics and intricate imageries weaved with his creative acoustic based tapestries. Begin a day with a cup of coffee, watching the sunrise, and listening to the groove of “Three Wishes” and you’ll understand that this is an incredibly remarkable piece of music that will remain a mainstay in your collection.

Beautiful poetry, strong melodies, gorgeous arrangements of varying styles is what you will find in abundance throughout this album. Flav Martin is a singer-songwriter who has his creative feet in several musical worlds, spanning rock, pop, country and folk. He is not a flashy artist, coming across as more focused on his art than on being caught up in the media hype that seems to snare so many musicians today. Martin is a throwback to the days when music was more honest and familiar, a modern minstrel singing to please himself and whichever audience will listen.

The album cover
The album cover

From the opening notes of “Nothing for Nothing” to the closing track, “Drinking You”, the album’s almost spiritual frankness lasts long after its last notes fade. Combine Martin’s clear, sensitive voice with his deft handling of numerous instruments, and you come away with the sensation that this musical poet has just touched your heart.

Simplicity can be a beautiful thing in this complicated world where things aren’t always the way that they should be. It’s honest and reassuring, and it connects each generation with the wisdom of the past. The music on this album is heartwarming and natural in its simplicity, and it is also thoughtful and compassionate. Martin’s lyrics of love and life are genuinely majestic, and his mastery of the acoustic guitar is impressive.

This much comes to note through the inspiring melodies of “Wild Moon”, “Soul Redemption” and “Drinking You”, probably my favorite 3 songs on the entire album. But Flav Martin is also a musical master craftsman who can carefully write and arrange intricate songs that are elegant and precise – exactly what he does on the eclectic rhythms of “Colors”, “Outta Here” and the acoustic six-string picking on “Laura’s Theme”.

The songs on “Indestructible” span a variety of styles, however all have layers of emotion attached to them. Moving, thought provoking, and inspiring. Just beautiful!


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