For Krown Deon the message is more important than the notoriety

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“Raised in a strong Christian family, but with my father being murdered while I was young I often saw the bad perspectives versus the good, as a youth. Age has taught me differently. Through it all, music and spoken word has been the solid grounding for me, as it is for so many.

GOD has gifted us with voices, and I can think of nothing better than writing music to speak to the times of the world, realities and solutions, but also inspirations and the glories of GOD. The message is more important than the notoriety; so I write, write and write.

I love to write for others; I love to tell a story. I donate probably 75% of my musical earnings to different causes all over the world; including ours, right here in America. GOD is Good! I’m a pretty boring guy, but with great inspiring music that the family with kids can listen to and enjoy!”


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