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The House of Bread Beat & Music record label, out of Merced, California, is run by founders and CEO Rosie Saetern and her husband Jio Saetern, alongside staff manager Jeannette Aliligay and Abigail Olidan. The label manages artists such as Jay Kay, John-Paul Beal, Yunng Tizzy, Andrea Crampton, Destiny Ktwoswagg Onyeobodo, and Sinslion Perfil. Apart from being the husband of the label’s CEO, Jio Saetern is a god-fearing performer, songwriter and music producer offering his services. Both Jio and Rosie are involved in doing things for the homeless and the hungry, in their community and church.

Rosie Saetern

At the House of Bread Beat & Music, Rosie and Jio’s goal since day one has been to deliver music content in a more ascendant direction. Their driving mission, therefore, is to provide a conscious way to consume rap & hip-hop.

We all know that the urban music genres, enjoy massive popularity across the globe. With popularity comes influence, and with influence comes the power to culturally shape the world. But with great power comes great responsibility – culturally and spiritually, among other things.

Hence the House of Bread Beat & Music record label not only pursues usual wealth, fame, and status elements, for its artists, but also looks to help and give back to the community while attempting to grow a stronger spiritual awareness.

That is not to suggest there’s something wrong with desiring notoriety and financial gain. This is capitalism, after all. So long as one seeks to use these privileges in service of others over the self, with balance and harmony.

Both Rosie and Jio Saetern have the conscience and ethical know-how to see when things are too self-serving. They are consciously attuned to understand their ethical and faith-based positioning in all that they do.

These are people who weave messages of gratitude, love, peace, acceptance, and coexistence into the very fabric of the music, artists, and events they promote. House of Bread Beat & Music uses its power in service of leaving the world in a better place.

Jio Saetern

Musically, every production from Jio Saetern, is a seamless continuation of energy from track to track that gives listeners an opportunity to view life through a new lens. Jio’s all-consuming passion for music bleeds through every piece he releases.

From the initial idea to the final cut, he never closes the chapter of his spirituality, while still dealing out relevant, and hard-hitting rhymes. Jio has shown time and time again that there are no boundaries with his music.

It is this sonic stamp that entices Jio Saetern’s audience into hypnotic movement and, more often than not, escalates them into a full-on kinetic listening experience. Shimmering with cinematic qualities, his music ultimately speaks to the body, mind, and soul.

All of this, put together with the range of selected quality artists found on the label, makes House of Bread Beat & Music a community working in harmony with the world – musically, spiritually and commercially. This firmly establishes Rosie and Jio Saetern as a recognizable force in the music scene.

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