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Just Matthew is a rapper, singer, songwriter and DIY recording artist by way of Los Angeles, CA born in 1992. Using his modern poetic technique delivered through traditional hip-hop rhythm and pace, Just Matthew™ orchestrates these elements to exemplify the textures of today’s music.

Just Matthew
Just Matthew

This artist’s lyrical complexity is mind-blowing…in its simplicity. I found out about Just Matthew only recently, and he has completely redefined some aspects of Hip-hop music for me. Immediately off the bat the EP “Connery” has an indescribable vibe to it that I haven’t heard in a very long time…the feel of authenticity! Just Matthew’s content is so deep, real, and sincere, listening to him feels like exactly how I imagine a relaxed, candid conversation with him would go. No pretentiousness. No fakeness. Just pure talent and I truly believe this EP will be tipping scales for him to begin receiving national attention and public accolades.

Lyrically I think Just Matthew shows great skill. His flows are good and varied and he talks about real issues in a personal way. The easy-flowing beat productions by MKSB are also strong. While the verses and most of the hooks are excellent, the music stays memorable too. It does have a nice throwback vibe, and the tracks really stick as they should.

Make no mistake “Connery” is an excellent EP. From the moment the Ep kicks off with Forget (Prod. MKSB) Just Matthew is transparent and vulnerable about his life, love, and confidence. This honesty is relatable, allowing for the songs to be enjoyed by a wide variety of people. Just Matthew shows poise and maturity on Prototype (Prod. MKSB) as he becomes even more introspective on this track.

The EP cover
The EP cover

The fact that he has raised the bar with this release is again evident on Bonnie (Prod. MKSB), where Just Matthew delivers a track that is melodic and full of depth and texture. Once again the lyrics are deeply meaningful, and yet with every line he keeps it clever and fresh. The rapping refinement continues with Understand It (Prod. MKSB), in which Just Matthew steps up his rhythm, flow and rhyme scheme.

I honestly can’t skip a track on “Connery”. I love how he implemented some great singing and a mellow but progressive/electro sound to these songs.  I would also like to commend Just Matthew for going where most rappers do not usually go, and that is being transparent through their lyrics. He doesn’t wrap his rhymes in cryptic puzzles and just lays his feelings on the line, making it a whole lot easier to connect to audiences.

Raw honesty, as well as impressive creativity and performances are the most striking aspects of this work, which should not be missed!


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