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During the past few years the Piqued Jacks have been receiving serious media and industry attention, playing guest appearances for the likes of Atoms For Peace, Bob Schneider and Il Teatro Degli Orrori, as well as recently opening for Interpol at their only Tuscan date of the group’s “El Pintor” world tour, which again certifies the level of proficiency and popularity that this ‘band of brothers’ from the small village of Buggiano in Italy, have achieved.

Sharing the stage in Prato’s Piazza del Duomo with this legendary post-punk revival band, has been an obvious highlight for the momentum-gaining Piqued Jacks, but it really is only the tip of an iceberg for this hardworking Italian band.

Piquet Jacks Live!
Piqued Jacks Live!

The Piqued Jacks have also been featured on CMJ Network, Balcony TV, Earmilk, Jamsphere UK and broadcasted on Italian airwaves such as Rai 1, Rai 2, Radio Rai 1, Italia 2, aside from winning “The Freshmen” competition by MTV, which had their “Romantic Soldier” video on MTV rotation for six weeks. But if you think that seems more than enough for ‘a little Italian alternative funk-rock band’, think again!

E-King – lead vocals & piano, Penguinsane – guitar & backing vocals, littleladle – bass & backing vocals, and ThEd0g – drums & backing vocals who founded Piqued Jacks in 2006, have taken their never-ending talents to Austin, Texas where they showcased during  SXSW in 2013, 2014 and 2015. They also launched into their own independent “Atlas Tour” and travelled across the US for three months (12 States, 30 cities, 45 shows), and then got back to Italy and onto the center stage of the Marea Festival and MusicaW Festival.

2015 is also the year in which the Piqued Jacks dropped their debut full-length, “Climb Like Ivy Does” album, to critical acclaim. With their latest release and live performance track record, the Piqued Jacks have solidified their position as one of the more musically audacious bands and hardworking bands in the mainstream today. The amazing genre- bending sounds this band creates will blow your mind.  They have an epic progressive nature that is both powerful and accessible, which sees the band pushing the boundaries of their talents, making for an undoubtedly engaging listen each time they perform.

For anyone who is looking for a band that is different and not just like every other collective out right now, then Piqued Jacks is a great alternative and is really a band that will always keep you guessing. If you heard “Romantic Soldier” on the radio or seen the video on MTV or elsewhere, I’ll warn you that it is only a fraction of where this band moves through musically.

Following the Piqued Jacks is like savoring a wonderful forward progression of sound, soul and substance. If you manage keep up with them, that is!


Il video della serata di apertura del Settembre // Prato è spettacolo con il concerto degli Interpol e l’apertura dei Piqued Jacks#SettembrePratoa cura di Kalispéra Production

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