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Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer juggles idiomatic influences nicely on “Dem A Fraud”. There are hip-hop-influenced production touches, verses designed to appeal to more traditional Raggamuffin fans, bars using both American and Caribbean rap techniques, and even soul touches incorporated. The result is a track that should have something for all of Fabpz the Freelancer’s fans, and one of the few that actually manage to combine things from all styles rather than just throw them together.

After a more pop-oriented excursion on one or two of his previous efforts, Fabpz the Freelancer returns to his darker DJ toasting roots for “Dem A Fraud”, which is again delivered in three versions for fans to enjoy and dissect however they feel. Backed by a reverberating bassline, the deep roots that Fabpz’ usually creates are further finessed into a simmering stew of dancehall-raggamuffin-inflected rhythms shot through with Fabpz the Freelancer’s slow-burning take on the genre.

the new single cover artwork
the new single cover artwork

Thematically, on his songs, Fabpz the Freelancer  drifts between telling us about the dishonest fake people that surround us, about his appeal to the opposite sex and vignettes on everyday life, many delivered with a sly humor that is the secret to his unique appeal.  Here he gives us more of the same. I’m sure that even an everyday event, like riding to work, is enough grist for Fabpz the Freelancer’s lyrical mill and he can be instructing listeners on how to run a red light or beat the traffic.

Fabpz’ speaks directly to the lives of regular people while effortlessly riding his rootsy rhythms. Never to be overshadowed by many of his contemporaries, simply because his brand of dancehall-raggamuffin-inflected rhythms is not comparable to anything else; Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer  is a genre on his own, delivering a musical set of something so characteristically exclusive, that it just can’t be beat!

More About: Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer attended I.A.R in NYC. Pete engineers and makes beats using Reason with Synths and Protools. Hip Hop & Dancehall is Fapk’s main genre, who cites his major influences as being Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Jay-z, Bounty Killer and Lady Saw.

He started to produce beats and rhymes officially in 2006 after attending I.A.R for the first time and at that point decided to make music his career. A member of ASCAP, Fabp launched his own record label called X-Calade Promotionz.


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