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KNG DAVÎD is an artist and songwriter with a passion for great melodies coupled with mellow hooks. His music combines the vibrant energy of hip-hop with the soothing aesthetics of chill R&B, making for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind sound. Recently, KNG DAVÎD set out to release a brand new studio single titled “Take It Easy,” which features vocals from Sergio Ochoa.

This project sets the bar even higher, channeling both artists’ ability to combine tasteful arrangements with spontaneous lyrics and melodies that will immediately connect with listeners on a deeper level. The single immediately charms with a soothing and atmospheric sound. However, it is not just an ethereal, dreamy composition.

There is room for a lot of good vibes, and the impact of the production is hard to deny. This is a great introduction to the world and creativity of this inspired (and inspiring) pair of artists, and a great taste of what the two are able to accomplish with their vision and eclectic taste. Today, genre definitions are becoming increasingly blurred, so it’s always refreshing to hear an artist who is not stuck in the usual definitions!


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