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NES is an accomplished singer-songwriter who was originally discovered by Stevie D of the Force MD’s. He invited her to the studio to do some work on their album and she was hooked! She knew she had found her niche when her very first song was accepted by Perspective Records artist Raja-Nee’. This led to a once in a life-time opportunity to work with the legendary producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and the artists Ann Nesby formerly of Sounds of Blackness, Johnny Gil, Salt-n-Pepa, Queen Latifa, many independent artists.

The progression from songwriting to producing was inevitable. In 2020, Nes teamed up with Executive Producers Raja-Nee’ and Grammy Award winner William “Sure Will’ ‘ Clark to write and produce the first song from the group titled “Love Me Anyway” which Nes demoed for production sampler. But the song managed to reach the UK during COVID-19, with virtually no promotion and just like that, “Love Me Anyway” reached #2 on the Breaking Artists Independent Charts!

Her Neo-Soul delivery on the track would be an instant hit leaving hundreds of overnight fans wanting more! With the persistent nudging from Raja-Nee’, the Production team decided to make the pivot and Nes stepped out from behind the scenes to become an artist for the first time to sing her own lyrics. “I’m Done” hit #2 on the U.S. Urban Influencer R&B and Soul chart. It was evident that she is influenced by all types of music. But she found herself drawn to her Neo-Soul vibe and wastes no time taking you back with her new single.

“Stick To Me Like Rain” is a sexy, sultry mood. This release highlights her unique sound and honest writing style. It sets the tone of what we can expect from Nes. She is currently in the final stages of completing her project titled “Everything About Me Is Dif’rent”. For updates follow Nes on all social networks and check out her music on most digital music streaming services.


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