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Set to unveil a set of stirring singles with touching and memorable lyrics, Lee Davey is staying true to his unique rhythms and dark, dystopian musical spirit.

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom – August 31st, 2021- Crafting a unique musical character with his rich and sensory musical compositions, Lee Davey is sending ripples into the world of Alternative. The dynamic powerhouse brings to the genre a haunting, authentic and creative spirit, led by his song writing prowess and distinct thematic interpretations. With an impressive baritone vocal style, one which has been lauded by several critics, the artist hopes to stun listeners while also continually adapting and creating something new and unique for listeners.

With his new singles, namely “Method In Our Madness” slated for release on 17th September 2021, and “God Does Not Want Our Business Anymore” marked for release on 22nd October 2021, Lee Davey is driven to enthrall listeners, with his characteristic musical style. Engulfing listeners into a dark realm with his stirring working arrangement, guitar skills and baritone style, the artist also sheds light on crucial themes such as income and wealth inequality is perpetuated in today’s Orwellian nightmare.

Highlighting an array of raw and pertinent issues, such as corruption, mental health stigmas plaguing society, the plight of the Middle Eastern refugees of long-forgotten wars, religious dogmas, and the ramifications of recreational drug abuse, among others.

“My beliefs come from my upbringing and the fact that I am a Full-Time Trade Union Official, is that everyone should be treated equally and George Orwell’s quote of ‘All animal are equal. Yet some are more equal than others’ is sadly more relevant today than ever,” says Lee Davey regarding his music.

Stream Lee Davey’s new music and follow him on social media to stay up to date with each new release. Feel free to contact him for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.

An electric/acoustic singer-songwriter, Lee Davey, is the epitome of Dystopian music- a haunting subject that few artists delve into. Using his platform to bring attention towards societal taboos and stigmas, the artist presents listeners with unsettling questions, exposing them to life’s raw cruelness. With a goal to gain exposure to his music and touch people emotionally, Lee Davey strives to gain recognition for his peers, while continuously adapting and writing original content.

Moving forward, Lee Davey intends to have his music synced into underground films and TV series that are based upon the relatable dark subject matter. His driving goal remains to be able to generate enough revenue to leave behind the distracting necessities of life and fully concentrate on his music full time.


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