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Hi I’m EP The Mime! I am a Singer Songwriter, Rapper and Producer from Northern California. My newest single “WISO” (WenIzSummaOva?) Is a song inspired by the summer and the fact that all the summer tracks I hear are pro-summer “WISO” is a summer track that anticipates the heat ending. I’d rather stay inside with the AC on and binge watch some movies until the winter comes.

Co-Produced by “LouXtwo” and written and performed by The Mime, this funky beat and cheeky lyrics are a great add onto your upbeat playlists. What makes me unique as an artist? I wear a mask, I genre bend, and primarily use visuals to portray the character of “The Mime” like a blank canvas.

What I believe differentiates my artistry is the overall control over the production, recording, and writing of the music of each track. My goal is to create music that has an undeniable vibe with lyrics true to what I feel. Tap into “WISO” and feel the vibe and connect with me on the socials to see what’s next for the world of EP The Mime. Peace!



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