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London based, pop-rock acoustic duo, called SVRPoole, known for their ballads with a folk and vintage influence, as well as modern and unique sound in their music, are about to release their forthcoming single, Dusted Artist. It is a song about the struggles artists have to face to find their way in life to become successful, “dust off” all their fears and rejections and “shape the diamond from within”.

“From a poem I wrote for my sister, who is an amazing artist but who sadly suffers from a mental issue, to a song for people who feel rejected, misunderstood and discriminated against. Dusted Artist is like my anthem to all artists around the world, whom I would like to give my great love, understanding and hope that they are not alone, nor forgotten, and that their skills and passions will be appreciated one day.”Simona-Valentina, singer-songwriter at SVRPoole.

As with most of SVRPoole’s compositions, this song is inspired by music from artists such as ABBA, The Beatles, Roxette, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, also with some indie folk vibes in it and own original sound and style. Riccardo and Simona-Valentina formed SVRPoole a couple of years ago and they are composing, mixing and mastering songs in their little home studio in London.

They have been performing various gigs around London, live in person and online shows, private events and local festivals. Composing and performing music is what makes this duo click together in harmony, and having an engaged and satisfied audience is their ultimate goal.

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