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I’m always at a loss when it comes to these types of things. You know I’ve done so many things, and been so blessed to have been able to do those things, from painting houses, to drilling water wells, and now being a diesel mechanic just to name a few. I’ve been very blessed in my youth to have met and befriended some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever seen play the guitar, that nobody has ever heard of. They inspired me then and they still do today. It’s really interesting you know how life works because there’s been times I’ve put my guitar down, and gone years without playing it, and as soon as I pick it up again it’s like I never stopped.

Times when I was working as a truck driver making sixty-five dollars a week driving three thousand miles a week, and barely able to feed myself, God, and my guitar were there to see me through you know. I only made five dollars a day, but that was enough to make sure that tomorrow I got to eat breakfast. I’ve never considered myself to be a good guitarist, or even a good musician, but I always do my best every time I play, and I’m always trying to get better and learn something new.

I think that musically, if I could have one dream come true, I think I’d like to just be in a room somewhere, with my guitar, and Eric Clapton just him and me getting a chance to just play a little bit of guitar with him. All of my guitar heroes except him are all dead and gone, and I know I’ll never get the chance to just play guitar and jam with him. I’d sure like to though. If you want to hear what I’m doing I’m on SoundCloud, and all you have to do is just type in my name and you’ll find it there. I haven’t gotten anything up on iTunes yet, but on SoundCloud at least it’s free, and maybe, just maybe I’ll inspire someone else to pick up a guitar and start playing.



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