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Nikolaus Werther from Cologne, Germany is the brainchild and the producer under the professional stage name of Pappelallee. A bringer of exhilaration and electricity under the disguise of clubhouse mixed and mastered sound, Pappelallee evokes pure magic just with a touch of his gifted hands. He brings rhapsody and fantasy as he displays dynamic creativity and inventiveness that is driven by his unquenchable passion for both music and technology!

It is from those coexisting ravening passions that he is able to formulate distinct sound and production catalog teeming with a variety of minimal electronic and vibrant EDM music such as minimal techno, deep house, and progressive house tracks. With the terrific minimal electro instrumentations, he is able to design lively tech and deep house tracks that possess all the elements of electronic-infused music that is more than certain to resonate with clubhouse lovers on the global scene.

Pappelallee is now back with another stimulating and galvanizing clubhouse dance staple that will sweep the tech lovers off their feet with gracious and imposing ease with the stupendous production and radiance the track will evoke. This pure phenomenon has been inspired by the ravenous Cologne club scene with the focus being on danceability and positivity.

What you can expect is incandescent soundscape made with a keen ear for sound design and evoking some strong shots of positivity and flaunting a dazzling blend of rhythm and melody to ensure you move your whole body with wild abandon under the glowing sensation of the deep house instrumentation. You can expect fireworks and of course, the blinding instrumentation will be complimented exceptionally well with the incorporation of Sam Ho’s enchanting male vocals to design a soulful and captivating sensation.

This will be an outstanding “feel-good” type of groove that will boost the vibe in any type of setting and the Djs from Cologne to all over the world have a starter pack to get that party grooving like crazy! Follow the attached links to discover Pappelallee feat. Sam Ho – “Close to Me”, and to add it to your playlist or library. Label release on Pappelallee Music. It is OUT NOW!



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