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Single to be Released on December the 9th, 2016 and Band Announces Frequent Listenings on Spotify

Relinquished are back. After their two albums “Onward Anguishes” and “Susanna Lies In Ashes” which was widely accepted by fans and critics, the versatile, Austrian Metal band signed a record deal with NRT-Records and released their track “Sinister Dreams” on December 9, 2016 as a single. Sinister Dreams, which was first released exclusively as a music video on the 7th of March 2014 should have already been released as a single but it was rejected. Now NRT-Records took up this project and presents Sinister Dreams as one of 3 pre-releases to Relinquished’s upcoming third studio album “Addictivities Part 1” 

relinquished-sinister-dreamsSinister Dreams for Relinquished otherwise represents brute melodic heavy & death metal, a rather atypical, quiet number which tells the story of the propagandist Joseph who has given up everything for his brother, Victor and yet he has to move on without him. Immersed in self-pity, he inherited some videotapes of his brother, Victor which show him with his wife Susanna in better, bygone times. While Joseph surrenders to alcohol, Joseph mourns all that he has sacrificed for nothing.

Like Susanna Lies In Ashes and Onward Anguishes, Addictivities Part 1 for the band is typically a concept album that will tell a coherent story.

Relinquished recently increased their Plays on Spotify to the Top.

The photo which graces the cover was taken by photographer Tina Burgstaller.


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