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The Philadelphia born gentleman Rahiem began his journey in music at a very young age. From the age of five his mother noticed his musical talent and had Rahiem perform at block parties and community events including dance contests. By the age of eight, Rahiem began experimenting with rap freestyle in the neighborhood of Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia and by Rahiem’s late teens his late Uncle Billy, familiar with the industry, started noticing RTG’s love for singing and rapping.

RTG wrote and recorded his first song called Mr. Sandman with his Uncle Greg in his grandmother’s house in Marion, SC. Being a military brat, RTG frequently moved from state to state giving him the opportunity to become exposed to various cultures and musical genres. This exposure has helped mold Rahiem into a very diverse musician; expressed through his lyrical and vocal abilities.

Rahiem was soon introduced to James Meredith and Derek Borom who were impressed by his vocal abilities and decided to invest in him and four additional vocalists. They formed a group called High Risk in the year 2000. However, Rahiem’s lime light with High Risk was short lived, he refused to give up on his passion to excel in the music industry regardless of the obstacles that he would face.

Rahiem later began his solo career and signed his first contract with 803 Productions with CEO Harry “Tweet” Hamilton in 2003. He began writing more and making a name for himself locally, but that still was not enough. RTG took some time off from releasing music to aid his family and then lightning struck in 2019, when his cousin Darren “Strong Coleone” Armstrong decided that it’s time for him to be heard again.

By encouraging him to start pursuing his music career again, Rahiem created his own label LGMP (Little Green Man Productions), a legacy label in the honor of his late Uncle Bill, and released his first single since hiatus “Accusations” gaining attention of “Figga Gang” Heads and with heads beginning to turn and wave being made, Rahiem steadily honed his craft until most recent release in 2021 “Split Personalities” an R&B/Soul Album dedicated to showcasing his vocal range and lyrical ability.

RTG is surely destined for greatness from and from here on out says he will make history and become Philly’s own new King of R&B, Rahiem The Gentleman has a unique style of R&B mixed with Hip-Hop and various other genres, referred to as a true musical powerhouse.



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